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Making Good

How Young People Cope with Moral Dilemmas at Work

Wendy Fischman, Becca Solomon, Deborah Greenspan og Howard Gardner

Harvard University Press 2004, 224 s. ISBN 0-674-01194-5

You're young, ambitious, entering the field of your dreams; you're on your own, the competition is fierce--and then you see your chance: the big story, the big role, the big discovery. But you'll have to cut a few corners, bend the rules, cheat a bit. What choices will you make?

After studying more than a hundred young people launching their careers, these longtime researchers of "good work"--work that is both skillful and honorable--find unsettling answers. Although young workers know what it takes to do good work, they don't always feel they can follow the ethical route. "Later, when I'm successful," is their implicit promise.

Making Good explores the choices confronting young workers who join the ranks of three dynamic professions--journalism, science, and acting--and looks at how the novices navigate moral dilemmas posed by a demanding, frequently lonely, professional life. The authors also uncover striking comparisons between these young professionals and the veterans in their fields--most notably, older workers recall inspiring models and mentors, while today's beginners see themselves as on their own. With extensive insights into how young workers view their respective domains, the nature of their ambitions, the sacrifices they are willing to make, and the lines they are prepared to cross, this study will prove instructive to young employees and employers alike, as well as to those who wish to understand the shifting moral and social character of the working world.

1. Making the Good Worker

Three Dilemmas at the Workplace

"Good Work" in a Healthy Society

The Path to This Study

An Investigation of Good Work

A Study of Veterans: Alignment and Misalignment in the Professions

Our Conceptual Framework

Expectations and Uncertainties

2. From Cocoon to Chaos in Journalism

Introducing the Veterans

Introducing the Young Journalists

Balancing Truths and Consequences: Tensions Faced by High School Journalists

Young Professionals on the Move

Navigating the Moral Minefield

3. The Long Windup in Genetics

Who Are the Veteran Geneticists?

Who Are the Young Scientists?

Integrity, Competition, and Survival

Wrestling with Ethical Dilemmas

4. The Price of Passion in Theater

Meet the Theater Veterans

Meet the Young Actors

Personal and Professional Tradeoffs

Traversing Ethical Faultlines

5. What We've Learned

Three Trajectories and the Quandary of Moral Freedom

Comparing Young Journalists, Scientists, and Actors

Differences across Age Groups

6. Epilogue: Encouraging Good Work

Six Factors: The Route to Good Work

Levers for Good Work: The View from Inside


Appendix on Methods

Comparisons of Responsibility

Comparisons of Values