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Information Society and the Workplace

Spaces, boundaries and agency

Tuula Heiskanen og Jeff Hearn

Routledge 2004, 248 s. ISBN: 0-415-27223-8
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Much has been written on the grand prospects for "Information Society"; much less on what this might mean in everyday terms. So what do we find when we look at what is happening in a society, Finland, that is one of closest to an information society? Bringing together studies of everyday local practices in workplaces within information society, this book has a special focus on social space and the agency of actors. It includes both theoretical reviews and detailed qualitative research. It also highlights the political challenges of the information society, challenges which are likely to become subjects of international concern.

Preface: Paradoxes of information, society and workplaces, Jeff Hearn
Part One: Introduction
1. Spaces, places and communities of practice, Tuula Heiskanen
Part Two:The Creation of Spaces
2. Bounded or empowered by technology? Information system specialists' views on people's freedom within technology, Tarja Tiainen
3. Gendered local agency: the development of regional information society, Marja Vehviläinen
4. Empty spaces without knowledge and management, Riitta Kuusinen
Part Three: Working and Living in Spaces
5. The dynamics of control and commitment in high-tech IT firms, Sirpa Kolehmainen
6. Virtualizing the office: micro-level impacts and driving forces of increased ICT use, Pernilla Gripenberg
7. Women and technological pleasure at work? Päivi Korvajärvi
8. Fulfillment or slavery? The changing sense of self at work, Riitta Lavikka
9. In search of boundaries:Changing boundaries in and through teleworking, Riikka Kivimäki
Part Four: Concluding Discussion
10. Information society, agency and identity positions, Tuula Heiskanen
Postscript: Information societies are still societies, Jeff Hearn

Author Biography:
Tuula Heiskanen
is Research Director of the Work Research Centre, a unit of multidisciplinary working life studies in the Research Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland. She has studied professional and industrial work, work organizations in both public and private sectors, and both male- and female-dominated organizations. She is co-editor of Gendered Practices in Working life (1997).
Jeff Hearn is Research Professor in Sociology at the University of Huddersfield, UK, and Academy Fellow and Professor at the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki, Finland. His interest in information society comes particularly from research on gender, sexuality, violence and ICTs. He is co-author of Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Organizations (2001).