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Dignity at work

Randy Hodson

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2001, 320 s. ; ISBN 0-521-77812-3
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Human dignity, the ability to establish a sense of self-worth and self-respect and to enjoy the respect of others, is necessary for a fully realized life. Working with dignity is a fundamental part of achieving a life well-lived, yet the workplace often poses challenging obstacles because of mismanagement or managerial abuse. Defending dignity and realizing self-respect through work are key to workers’ well-being; insuring the dignity of employees is equally important for organizations as they attempt to make effective use of their human capital. In this book Randy Hodson, a sociologist of work and organizational behavior, applies ethnographic and statistical approaches to this topic, offering both a richly detailed, inside look at real examples of dignity in action, and a broader analysis of the pivotal role of dignity at work.

Part I. Dignity and its Challenges: 1. Four faces of dignity; 2. Toward a theory of dignity; 3. Measuring the subtle realms of work; Part II. The Practice of Dignity: 4. Deflecting abuse and mismanagement; 5. Confronting overwork; 6. Defending autonomy; 7. Negotiating employee involvement; 8. Coworkers - for better or worse; Part III. The Future of Dignity: 9. Worker dignity and well-being; 10. Dignity, agency, and the future of work.