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Human Resource Management

Anniversary Edition

Karen Legge

Palgrave 2004, 448 s. ISBN 1403936005
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Human Resource Management: Rhetorics and Realites remains a classic text examining the role and place of HRM in contemporary society. A decade on, the anniversary edition brings the debate up-to-date, and explores the changes and developments that have taken place since its original publication in 1995. A new foreword and introductory chapter by Karen Legge will place the original debates within the context of the new millenium, ensuring that Human Resource Management: Rhetorics and Realities remains fresh and relevant to a new generation of students.


A Decade On
What is Personnel Management?
Styles of Managing the Employment Relationship
What is Human Resource Management
HRM and 'Strategic' Integration with Business Policy?
HRM: Towards the Flexible Firm?
HRM: From Compliance to Commitment?
HRM and Quality: Customer Sovereignty in the Enterprise Culture?
HRM and 'New Realism' in Industrial Relations?
HRM: Modernist Project or Postmodern Discourse?
Epilogue: The Future of HRM?

Author Biographies

KAREN LEGGE is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Warwick Business School. She is extremely well respected and is considered to be a leading authority in HRM. She is Joint editor of the Journal of Management Studies and is very well connected in the field of HRM and organizational studies.