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Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives

Natalie Gold

Palgrave 2004, 280 s. ISBN 1403933901
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

There are many walks of life in which teamwork is found and in which, by common consent, it could be better. Yet even the most basic questions about teams remain unresolved. What makes a group of individuals a team? Does teamwork involve a special type of reasoning? What makes teams successful? How do we learn to be team players? This volume brings together, for the first time, contemporary research from across the social sciences, addressing such questions from a variety of theoretical and empirical perspectives.


Introduction: Teamwork in Theory and in Practice; N.Gold
A Theoretical Framework for the Understanding of Teams; M.Gilbert
Cognitive Cooperation: When the Going Gets Tough, Think as a Group; D.Sloan Wilson, J.Timmel & R.R.Miller
Cooperation, Risk and the Evolution of Teamwork; J.Lazarus & P.Andras
Evolution of Teams; D.P.Myatt & C.Wallace
Cooperation and Communication: Group Identity or Social Norms?; C.Bicchieri
The Psychology of Effective Teamworking; C.Borrill & M.West
Teams over Time: A Logical Perspective; W.van der Hoek, M.Pauly & M.Wooldridge
The Logic of Team Reasoning; R.Sugden
Rationality, Cooperation and Mindreading; S.Hurley
Evolution of Cooperation Without Awareness in Minimal Social Situations; A.M.Colman
Learning in Robot Teams; J.Wyatt, Y.Matsumura & M.Todd
Author Biographies

NATALIE GOLD is a doctoral student in economics at Oxford University. She investigates individual and collective decision-making, using methods from a variety of disciplines including economics, philosophy and psychology. In particular, she is interested in incorporating developments in cognitive science into social scientific theories.