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Living Knowledge

The Dynamics of Professional Service Work

Arne Carlsen, Roger Klev og Georg von Krogh

Palgrave 2004, 256 s. ISBN 1403920605
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What should the next generation of knowledge management practices be?
Living Knowledge offers an empirical perspective on the dynamic and living nature of knowledge in organizations, based on research on professional service work. The book starts from a perspective on knowledge as being constituted in practice and guides the reader through a diverse set of organizational experiences. These cases present a series of new concepts for understanding and managing knowledge, such as half-worked boundary objects, knowledge hyperstories, activity centered knowledge support and knowledge dramas.


Living Knowledge: Foundations and Frameworks; A.Carlsen, R.Klev & G.Von Krogh
Dealing with Ideas: On Creating New Work Practice; G.Hakonsen
Doing Knowledge Dramas: The Battle, the Mission, the Mystery, the Deep Play and the Carnival; A.Carlsen
Organising Knowledge Work(ers)
The Production of Commitment in Flexible Organizations; B.Rasmussen
Enacting Knowledge Representations; G.Ellingsen & E.Monteiro
'I Think I Understand What You Mean': Negotiating Intersubjective Understanding; R.Rosness
Dancing the Dilemmas: The "Mythological" Enabling of Collective Action; E.Røyrvik & E.Wulff
Designing Knowledge Work Space. Archetypes of Professional Service Work as a Tool for Change; R.Gjersvik & S.Blakstad
Extending Practices: From Local to Organizational Knowledge Flows; K.Bjørkeng, M.Skaret & K.M.Hydle
Knowledge Hyperstories and Context Sensitive Knowledge Enabling; E.Røyrvik & A.Lindseth
Activity Centred Knowledge Support; G.J.Coll, S.Carlsen & A.Mæhle
Researching Living Knowledge; R.Klev

Author Biographies

ARNE CARLSEN is a Senior Scientist at SINTEF Industrial Management where he has initiated and managed a series of research programs on knowledge in organizations. He is currently finishing his PhD at the Department of Interdisciplinary Culture Studies, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. This research deals with the interplay between identity formation and organizational development, an inquiry inspired by narrative psychology, activity theory and dramatism.

ROGER KLEV is Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management. He holds a PhD in Business Administration and has worked with change and development projects in a large number of companies; both as consultant and as researcher. Previous appointments include three years as Research Director at the Knowledge and Strategy research department at SINTEF Industrial Management.

GEORGE VON KROGH is Professor of Management at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and Director at the Institute of Management at this university. He has published within the fields of strategy, technological innovation, as well as management and organization theory. His current work focuses on models of technological innovation, and their strategic and organizational implications.