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Facing Up to the Constancy of Organizational Change

Further Insights and Approaches to Solutions

Doris Fay og Harald Lührmann

Psychology Press 2004, 192 s. ISBN 1841699748
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The game goes on. The pressure on organizations for continuous change, in order to adapt to shifts in market structure, to deregulation or legal initiatives and to quickly grasp evolving opportunities has not reduced on the contrary, it has increased with progressing globalization and competition. Specifically, current challenges range from managing mergers and acquisitions, downsizing and 'rightsizing', to business re-engineering, or developing and implementing new technologies. As sales markets are getting tougher, companies keep decreasing the product life cycles which necessitates faster innovation. 'Change' has become a buzzword in the daily press; it seems to be omnipresent in the minds of consultants and other practitioners. Unfortunately, the results from costly change efforts fall too often behind expectations. For social scientists, therefore, it remains a pertinent task to invest in research that helps to gain a better understanding of change processes and of factors that contribute to successful change and innovation. This special issue faces up to this challenge by providing empirical and theoretical contributions that address two subject areas of the multifaceted change arena: corporate restructurings such as merger and acquisition; downsizing or redundancies; and changing and innovating the way business is done.

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D. Fay, H. Lührmann, Current Themes in Organizational Change. R. van Dick, U. Wagner, G. Lemmer, Research Note: The Winds of Change - Multiple Identifications in the Case of Organizational Mergers. L. Worrall, C. Parkes, C.L. Cooper, The Impact of Organizational Change on the Perceptions of UK Managers. K. Sahdev, Revisiting the Survivor Syndrome: The Role of Leadership in Implementing Downsizing. C.H. Antoni, Research Note: A Motivational Perspective on Change Processes and Outcomes. C. Clegg, S. Walsh, Change Management: Time for a Change! D. Fay, H. Lührmann, C. Kohl, Proactive Climate in a Post-reorganization Setting: When Staff Compensate Managers' Weakness. M.A. West, G. Hirst, A. Richter, H. Shipton, Twelve Steps to Heaven: Successfully Managing Change Through Developing Innovative Teams.

Full Contributors:
Conny H. Antoni
Chris Clegg
Cary L. Cooper
Doris Fay
Giles Hirst
Carsten Kohl
Gunnar Lemmer
Harald Lührmann
Carole Parkes
Andreas Richter
Kusum Sahdev
Helen Shipton
Rolf van Dick
Ulrich Wagner
Susan Walsh
Michael A. West
Les Worrall