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Psychopathology in the Workplace

Recognition and Adaptation

Jay C. Thomas og Michel Hersen

Brunner-Routledge 2004, 432 s. ISBN 041593379X
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In recent years empirical studies, informal surveys and firsthand observations have all confirmed the increasing prevalence of psychopathology among our active workforce. As clinicians and employers have started to recognize that continuing to work is important for recovery, there is a growing need for a comprehensive treatment of the subject of psychopathology in the workplace.

This book, written for students, practitioners, and employers responds to these needs by providing an encompassing three-part approach to these issues. Part 1 explores the interplay between psychopathology and various workplace environments, and provides an overview of the assessment and diagnosis of these disorders. Part 2 describes major forms of psychopathology commonly found in the workplace, and includes illustrative case studies. Part 3 discusses environmental and managerial interventions, and details steps that organizations can take to accommodate and motivate those with mental health needs. A unique collection of work, this text represents the most inclusive resource on the issues surrounding psychopathology in the workplace.
Preface. Part 1: Overview. Jay C. Thomas, Introduction. Thomas A. Widiger, Overview of Models of Psychopathology. Jay Thomas, Mandy Davies, Stress, Working Conditions, and Worklife Events. Nadia E. Stellrecht, Thomas E. Joiner, Jr., Andrea B. Burns, Natalie Sachs-Ericsson, Assessment of Psychopathology. Seth A. Brown, Melanie E. Bennett, Dual Diagnosis. Part 2: Categories of Dysfunction. Marilyn Strada, Brad Donohue, Substance Abuse. John P. Forsyth, Megan M. Kelly, Tiffany Fusé, Maria Karekla, Anxiety. Elisa Bolton, Dana R. Holohan, Lynda A. King, Daniel W. King, Acute and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Terry Michael McClanahan, David Antonuccio, Depression. Thomas R. Lynch, Leslie E. Horton, Personality Disorders. Kim T. Mueser, Susan R. McGurk, Schizophrenia. Drew A. Anderson, Jennifer D. Lundgren, Rachel G. Morier, Eating Disorders. Benson Schaeffer, Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficits. Charles J. Golden, Zarabeth L. Golden, Traumatic Brain Injury. Eileen Gambrill, Social Skill Deficits. Gary R. Birchler, William Fals-Stewart, Kristen G. Anderson, Marital and Family Problems. Part 3: Environmental and Managerial Interventions. Leah Toney Podratz, Lois E. Tetrick, Workplace Accommodations for Psychopathology. Jon Frew, Motivating and Leading Dysfunctional Employees. Gerald W. Lewis, Violence at Work: Causes and Prevention. Claire Stewart, Tony Ward, Mayumi Purvis, Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace. Doug G. McClure, Employee Assistance Program Strategies.

Author Biography:
Jay C. Thomas, Ph.D., ABPP, is Director of the Counseling Psychology program at Pacific University in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Thomas is a diplomate from the American Board of Professional Psychology, in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
Michel Hersen, Ph.D., ABPP, is Dean and Professor of the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University, and Past President of the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy.