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Workplace Learning in Context

Helen Rainbird, Alison Fuller og Anne Munro

Routledge 2004 336 s. ISBN 0415316316
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Grounded in original research, this book features case studies which illuminate how the workplace environment can provide both barriers to and opportunities for learning. It explores learning in different organizational contexts and different countries, sectors, types of public and private sector organization, and by different occupational groups. This multi-disciplinary approach provides a coherent perspective of the institutional, organizational and pedagogical contexts of workplace learning. It will be welcomed by policy-makers, trainers, trade unionists and educators alike providing them with the intellectual tools required to understand how learning in the workplace can be improved.

Introduction and Overview Alison Fuller, Anne Munro and Helen Rainbird Part One: The Context of Workplace Learning 2. The Political Economy of Workplace Learning David N. Ashton 3. The Employment Relationship and Workplace Learning Helen Rainbird, Anne Munro and Lesley Holly 4. The Quality of Work and the Quality of Learning: The Case of Italian Small Firms Saul Meghnagi 5.The Context of Learning in Professional Work Environments: Insights from the Accountancy Profession Keith Hoskin and Fiona Anderson-Gough 6.The Assessment of Workers' "Basic Skills": A Critical Examination of Late Twentieth Century Trends Susan Hoddinott
Part Two: The workplace as a learning environment 7 Learning Through Work: Workplace Participatory Practices Stephen Billett 8 Expansive Learning Environments: Integrating Organisational and Personal Development Alison Fuller and Lorna Unwin 9 The New Generation Of Expertise: Seven Theses Yrjo Engestrom
10 Supporting Learning in advanced Supply Systems in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries Alan Brown, Ed Rhodes and Ruth Carter Part Three : Skills, Knowledge and the Workplace 11 Conceptualising Vocational Knowledge Michael Young 12 Transfer of Knowledge between Education and Workplace Settings Michael Eraut 13 Learner Biographies: Exploring Tacit Dimensions of Learning And Skills Karen Evans, Natasha Kersh and Akiko Sakamoto 14. The Conceptualisation and Measurement of Learning at Work Paul Hager 15. The Complexities of Workplace Learning: Problems and Dangers in Trying to Measure Attainment Phil Hodkinson and Heather Hodkinson Part Four: Research and Policy 16. The Relationship between Research and Policy: The Birthpangs of a New Workforce Development Policy in Britain Frank Coffield. 17. Conclusion Alison Fuller, Anne Munro and Helen Rainbird

Author Biography:
Helen Rainbird is Professor of Industrial Relations at University College, Northampton and an Associate Fellow at the Industrial Relations Research Unit at the University of Warwick.
Alison Fuller is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Labour Market Studies at the University of Leicester.
Anne Munro is a Reader at the School of Management at Napier University.