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Varieties of unionism

Struggles for union revitalization in a globalizing economy

Carola Frege og John Kelly

Oxford University Press 2004 228 s. ISBN 0-19-927014-7
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As unions face an ongoing crisis all over the industrialized world, they have often been portrayed as outmoded remnants of an old economic structure. This book argues that despite structural shifts in the economy and in politics, unions retain important functions for capitalist economies as well as for political democracy. Union revitalization in the face of their current difficulties is therefore of fundamental importance. Varieties of Unionism presents important comparative research and analysis of union strategy for academics and graduate students of Industrial Relations, Management, Politics, Political Economy, and Sociology.

Readership: Academics and graduate students of Industrial Relations, HRM, Politics, Political Economy, and Sociology.

1 Lowell Turner: Why Revitalize? Labour's Urgent Mission in a Contested Global Economy
2 Martin Behrens, Kerstin Hamann, and Richard Hurd: Conceptualizing Labour Union Revitalization
3 Carola Frege and John Kelly: Union Strategies in Comparative Context
4 Edmund Heery and Lee Adler: Organizing the Unorganized
5 Michael Fichter and Ian Greer: Analyzing Social Partnership: A Tool of Union Revitalization?
6 Kerstin Hamann and John Kelly: Unions as Political Actors: A Recipe for Revitalization?
7 Martin Behrens, Richard Hurd, and Jeremy Waddington: Can Structural Change be a Source of Union Revitalization?
8 Carola Frege, Edmund Heery, and Lowell Turner: The New Solidarity? Trade Unions and Coalition Building in Five Countries
9 Nathan Lillie and Miguel Martinez Lucio: International Trade Union Revitalization: The Role of National Approaches
10 John Kelly and Carola Frege: Conclusions: Varieties of Unionsim