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Resisting marginalization

Unemployment experience and social policy in the European Union

Duncan Gallie

Oxford University Press 2004, 291 s. ISBN 0-19-927185-2
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This is a major new contribution to work on unemployment in Europe. Leading scholars come together to provide a comparative analysis of social policies for combating marginalization of the unemployed across the European Union. Drawing on the results of important research programmes funded by the European Commission, the book puts forward the case for a substantial revision of current policy priorities.

Readership: Scholars and students of sociology and political economy, especially those with an interest in social policy, unemployment, welfare provision, EU studies, and comparative politics

  • 1 Duncan Gallie: Unemployment, Marginalization Risks, and Welfare Policy
  • 2 Duncan Gallie and Serge Paugam: Unemployment, Poverty, and Social Isolation: An Assessment of the Current State of Social Exclusion Theory
  • 3 Thomas Kieselbach: Psychology of Unemployment and Social Exclusion: Youth Unemployment and the Risk of Social Exclusion
  • 4 Torild Hammer and Helen Russell: Gender Differences in Employment Commitment Among Unemployed Youth
  • 5 Herwig Immervoll and Cathal O'Donoghue: What Difference Does a Job Make? The Income Consequences of Joblessness in Europe
  • 6 Steven McIntosh: Skills and Unemployment
  • 7 Marie-Laure Morin, Brigitte Reynes, Francine Tessier, and Christine Vincens: Economic Redundancy: The Paradoxes of Exemplary Protection
  • 8 Ivar Lødemel: The Development of Workfare Within Social Activation Policies
  • 9 Rik van Berkel and Iver Hornemann Møller: The Experience of Activation Policies
  • 10 Iain Begg: Policy Responses to Marginalization: The Changing Role of the EU