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Working to learn

transforming learning in the workplace

Karen Evans, Phil Hodkinson og Lorna Unwin

London, Kogan Page, 2002, 246 s. ; ISBN 0-7494-3685-9
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The workplace is a crucially important site for learning in today's learning society. In this authoritative book, the authors look at the changing nature of the work and the effects that this has on the skill and knowledge requirements of individuals, its implications for the workplace and employment, and ways in which these changing requirements can be met.
The editors are founder members of the Working to Learn group, and are internationally recognized as leading experts in vocational education and training. International in scope and based on their wide ranging experiences and research, this book brings together the implications of workplace changes for educators, managers and society. In an age where jobs and work - and the success of organizations - are increasingly dependent on developing skills and knowledge, this will be important reading for educators, trainers, human resource managers and policy makers alike.

Karen Evans is Professor of Lifelong Learning at the Institute of Education, University of London.
Phil Hodkinson is Professor of Education at the University of Leeds.
Lorna Unwin is Professor of Vocational Education at the Centre for Labour Market Studies, University of Leicester.