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Work in the Global Economy

Jean-Pierre Laviec, Mitsuko Horiuchi og Kazuo Sugeno

ILO 2004, 214 s. ISBN 92-9014-739-3
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This book is based on the 6th ILO Social Policy Lectures, which are endowed with the ILO’s Nobel Peace Prize, held in Tokyo, Japan in December 2003. In keeping with the topics covered in the lecture series, this volume examines the emerging changes in the world of work as a result of globalization and technological innovation.

Through the various papers and lectures that make up this compilation, the book explores the different dimensions of labour market flexibility and offers explanations for the diffusion of flexible labour practices among industrial economies. It also provides insight into the recent shift in societal values from the traditional ideal of solidarity towards greater individual economic freedom.

Globalization has had a visible effect on the growth of markets and on the social behaviour of many countries. This volume discusses this trend, as well as other vital issues, surrounding the global marketplace and how it impacts national employment systems.