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In the company of men

Male Dominance and Sexual Harassment

James E. Gruber og Phoebe Morgan

Northeastern University Press 2004, 320 s. ISBN 1555536379
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Despite over twenty years of discussion and study, sexual harassment remains a significant problem in the workplace. Current research focusing on organizational policy and women’s career development often ignores the reality of male dominance, prevalent in areas such as the military, the police, and firefighting—occupations that see not only more frequent but also more severe harassment, even sexual assault. Meanwhile, new evidence points to the fact that men are largely responsible not only for the harassment of women but for most harassment of other men as well.

This landmark collection of original essays investigates the links between male dominance and sexual harassment in light of new research and more complex understandings of masculinity. Treated not merely as a matter of worker sex ratios but as an inherent element of workplace culture, male dominance is observed from a variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches ranging from criminology and sociology to psychology and gender studies. Integrating both men’s and women’s viewpoints, research across occupational groups, and studies from both the United States and Europe, the chapters provide an invaluable international perspective into two inextricably intertwined problems rooted in cultural constructions of gender and institutional roles and processes.

JAMES E. GRUBER, Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, has researched sexual harassment for over twenty years. PHOEBE MORGAN is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Northern Arizona University and cofounder of the International Coalition Against Sexual Harassment. CLAIRE RENZETTI, editor of the Northeastern Series on Gender, Crime, and Law, is Professor of Sociology at St. Joseph’s University.


Men, Domination, and Sexual Harassment

Just Men Out of Control?: Criminology and the Likelihood to Sexually Harass (Robert S. Done, University of Arizona)
Toward a Criminology of Sexual Harassment (Beth A. Quinn, Montana State University-Bozeman)
Fitting in: The Conflation of Firefighting Male Domination and Harassment (Dave Baigent, Anglia Polytechnic University)
Sexualization of Work Roles Among Men Miners: Structural and Gender-Based Origins of 'Harazzment' (Kristen R. Yount, Northern Kentucky University)
Recognition Processes in Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Violence at Work: the Move to Organization Violations (Jeff Hearn, University of Manchester; and Wendy Parkin, University of Huddersfield)
The Sexual Harassment of Men: Articulating the Approach-Rejection Theory of Sexual Harassment Motives (Margaret S. Stockdale, Southern Illinois University)
The Hidden Discourse of Masculinity in Sexual Harassment Litigation (Michael Kimmel and Tyson Smith, both State University of New York at Stony Brook)

Dominance, Harassment, and Women

The Impact of Male Domination on the Prevalence of Sexual Harassment: An Analysis of European Union Surveys (Greetje Timmerman, University of Groningen)
Sexual Harassment and Violence Toward Policewomen in Finland (Kaisa Kauppinen, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health; and Saara Patuotlo, Helsinki Univeristy)
Blue Collar Feminism: The Link Between Male Domination and Sexual Harassment (Carrie N. Baker, Emory University)
A Missing Link: Institutional Homophobia and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military (Melissa Sheridan Embser-Herbert, Hamline University)
The Architecture of Sexual Harassment (Carla Corroto, Mississippi State University)
The Nexus of Race and Gender Domination: The Racialized Sexual Harassment of African American Women (NiCole Buchanan, Michigan State University)