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Staff Participation and Public Management Reform

Some International Comparisons

David Farnham, Annie Hondeghem og Sylvia Horton

Palgrave 2004. 360 s. ISBN 1403935068
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DescriptionThis book explores the role of civil servants and their trade unions in the public management reform process, framing it in its economic, social, cultural and legal contexts. Building on neo-institutional and stakeholder theories, the book shows how staff and their representative organisations have influenced the formulation and implementation of public management reforms in twelve OECD countries. This study challenges top-down elite theories that have dominated the existing literature, explaining how staff participation practices, both direct and indirect, have impacted on the implementation of reforms in different ways in different countries. The book concludes that variations in staff participation in the reform process depend upon institutional and political factors and the distribution of power in the employment relationship.

Contents List of Figures and Tables
List of Contributors
The Contexts of Staff Participation and Public Management Reform
Trajectories, Institutions and Stakeholders in Public Management Reform
Staff Participation in the Public Services
Austria: The Dynamics of Public Management Reform and Staff Participation; G.Hammerschmid & R.Meyer
Belgium: Staff Participation in the Copernic Reform; M.Parys & A.Hondeghem
Britain: Staff Participation and Modernisation under ‘New’ Labour; D.Farnham, S.Horton & G.White
The Czech Republic: Staff Participation and Modernization of Central State Administration; Z.Dvorakova
Finland: Catchall Systems, Developing Practices; T.Virtanen
France: From Direct to Indirect Participation to Where?; J-M.Denis & G.Jeannot
Germany: Limited Reforms and Restricted Participation; D.Farnham & R.Koch
Italy: The Case of the Revenue Agency; F.P.Cerese
The Netherlands: Modernization, Participation and Strategic Choice; P.Leisink & B.Steijn
New Zealand: Public Management Reform and the Partnership for Quality Agreement; R.Shaw
Switzerland: Staff Participation in Government Agencies Undergoing Change; Y.Emery & D.Giauque
The United States: Staff Participation in Administrative Reform 1993-2004; J.R.Thompson
Making Sense of Staff Participation within Public Management Reform
Appendix A: Questionnaire for the Leuven Project
Appendix B: An Analysis of the Range of Direct Participation Methods Used in 12 Civil Services
Author BiographiesDAVID FARNHAM is Professor at the University of Portsmouth and Visiting Professor at the Universities of Greenwich and East London. He was Visiting Fellow at the Catholic University of Leuven whilst this book was being written. He is Joint Convenor of the Personal Policies Study Group of the European Group of Public Administration and Chief Examiner for the CIPD, London.

ANNIE HONDEGHEM is Associate Professor at the Public Management Institute (Catholic University of Leuven). She is responsible for research, continuous education and advice concerning public personnel management and equal opportunities policies. She is coordinator of the Policy Research Centre Governmental Organisation in Flanders at KULeuven. She co-chairs the study group of EGPA on public personnel policies.

SYLVIA HORTON is a researcher and teacher in the field of public management at the University of Portsmouth. She has worked with European colleagues in EGPA and published jointly a series of research monographs on new public managers, human resources flexibilities and competency management in public services. She regularly contributes to management seminars and workshops at the European Institute of Public Administration and the Public Management Institute, Leuven.