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Research Companion To Organizational Health Psychology

Cary L. Cooper og Alexancer-Stamatios G. Antoniou

Edvard Elgar 2005. 720 s. ISBN 1 84376 624 8
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

The 72 distinguished contributors from over 50 different institutions provide a multifaceted picture of an important area mainly to an academic and post-graduate student audience of psychology and medicine. I am pleased to recommend it for perusal, implementation and evaluation.’
– From the foreword by Lennart Levi, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

The rapid and sweeping changes in the economy, technology, work practices and family structures mean that organizational health psychology has never been so essential for understanding stress in the workplace. This timely Research Companion is essential reading to advance the understanding of healthy behaviours within working environments and to identify problems which can be the cause of illness.

Contents: Part I: Conceptualization and Theoretical Framework Part II: Stress Management Issues Part III: Stress in Specific Groups Part IV: Stress, Well-being and Health Part V: Professional Burnout Part VI: Emotional Intelligence at Work Index
Contributors: A.-S.G. Antoniou, R.E. Boyatzis, P. Brough, R.J. Burke, S. Cartwright, C.L. Cooper, T. Cox, G. Chrousos, M.J. Davidson, E. Depreeuw, D. Enzmann, B. Falck, J. Ferrie, S.L. Fielden, A. Furnham, B. Garssen, H. González-Ordi, E.R. Greenglass, A. Griffiths, J. Hagberg, L. Hallsten, J. Henry, M. Hyde, T. Hyphantis, N.L. Jimmieson, L. Joksimovic, H. Kahn, D. Kenny, B. Kirkcaldy, D. Komboli, M.A.J. Kompier, J. Langan-Fox, M.P. Leiter, S. Leka, E.A. Locke, M.-A. Magiakou, A. Malach Pines, Z. Mantzavinos, C. Maslach, V. Mavreas, D. McIntyre, S. Melamed, J.J. Miguel-Tobal, G.V.F. Miller, D.L. Nelson, C.V.J. Nutter, M. O´Driscoll, G. Oxenstierna, R.L. Payne, J.C. Quick, J.D. Quick, E.C. Reheiser, M.J. Schabracq, A. Shirom, E.I. Shupe, J. Siegrist, B.L. Simmons, C. Spielberger, V.J. Sutherland, T.W. Taris, L.E. Tetrick, T. Theorell, C.J. Travers, D. van Dierendonck, R. Veenhoven, A. Visser, J. Vrotsos, A. Weinberg, H. Westerlund, M. Westman, L.C. Whatmore, M. Zeidner
Part I: Conceptualization and Theoretical Framework
1. The Role of Event Characteristics and Situational Appraisals in the Prediction of Employee Adjustment to Change and Change Implementation Success
Nerina L. Jimmieson
2. Constructions of Occupational Stress: Nuisances, Nuances or Novelties?
Dianna Kenny and Dennis McIntyre
3. Psychosocial Risk Factors and Work-Related Stress: State-of-the-Art and Issues for Future Research
Michiel A.J. Kompier and Toon W. Taris
4. Biological Basis of Stress-Related Diseases
Maria-Alexandra Magiakou and George P. Chrousos
5. The Relationship Between Ethnicity and Work Stress
Grace V.F. Miller and Cheryl J. Travers
6. Eustress and Attitudes at Work: A Positive Approach
Debra L. Nelson and Bret L. Simmons
7. Stress and Strain at Work: How Much is There, Who has Most and are Things Changing?
Roy L. Payne
8. Stress, Alienation and Shared Leadership
Marc J. Schabracq
9. Job Demands, Job Control, Strain and Learning Behavior: Review and Research Agenda
Toon W. Taris and Michiel A.J. Kompier
10. The Seeds of Stress in the Organizations of Tomorrow: The Impact of New Technology and Working Methods
Ashley Weinberg
Part II: Stress Management Issues
11. Stress and Individual Differences: Implications for Stress Management
Susan Cartwright and Lynne C. Whatmore
12. Work-Related Stress: The Risk Management Paradigm
Stavroula Leka, Amanda Griffiths and Tom Cox
13. Coping with Stress through Reason
Edwin A. Locke
14. An Organizational Approach to Stress Management
Valerie J. Sutherland
15. Prevention Perspectives in Occupational Health Psychology
Lois E. Tetrick, James Campbell Quick and Jonathan D. Quick
16. Emotional Intelligence and Coping with Occupational Stress
Moshe Zeidner
Part III: Stress in Specific Groups
17. Study and Student Counselling in Higher Education: An Incentive Towards a Practice-Relevant Vision
Eric Depreeuw
18. Stress and Unemployment: A Comparative Review of Female and Male Managers
Sandra L. Fielden and Marilyn J. Davidson
19. Stress in Veterinary Surgeons: A Review and Pilot Study
Howard Kahn and Camilla V.J. Nutter
20. Structural Work Change and Health: Studies of Long Spells of Sick Leave and Hospitalization among Working Men and Women During a Period of Marked Changes in the Swedish Labour Market
Gabriel Oxenstierna, Hugo Westerlund, Jane Ferrie, Martin Hyde, Jan Hagberg and Töres Theorell
21. Role-Related Stress Experienced by Temporary Employees
Ellen I. Shupe
Part IV: Stress, Well-being and Health
22. The Role of Psychosocial Factors in the Development of Periodontal Disease
Alexander-Stamatios G. Antoniou, Diamanto Komboli, John Vrotsos and Zacharias Mantzavinos
23. Work–Family Conflict and Stress
Paula Brough and Michael O’Driscoll
24. Workaholism in Organizations: Work and Well-being Consequences
Ronald J. Burke
25. The Healthy Organization
Jane Henry
26. Health Care and Subjective Well-being in Nations
Bruce Kirkcaldy, Adrian Furnham and Ruut Veenhoven
27. New Technology, the Global Economy and Organizational Environments: Effects on Employee Stress, Health and Well-being
Janice Langan-Fox
28. The Effects of Effort–Reward Imbalance at Work on Health
Johannes Siegrist, Bianca Falck and Ljiljana Joksimovic
29. Occupational Stress and Health
Charles D. Spielberger and Eric C. Reheiser
30. The Role of Emotions in Cardiovascular Disorders
Juan José Miguel-Tobal and Héctor González-Ordi
31. The Impact of Short Business Travels on the Individual, the Family and the Organization
Mina Westman
Part V: Professional Burnout
32. Burnout and Emotions: An Underresearched Issue in Search of a Theory
Dirk Enzmann
33. Proactive Coping, Resources and Burnout: Implications for Occupational Stress
Esther R. Greenglass
34. Burnout and Wornout: Concepts and Data from a National Survey
Lennart Hallsten
35. ‘Burning In’ – ‘Burning Out’ in Public: Aspects of the Burnout Process in Community-Based Psychiatric Services
Thomas Hyphantis and Venetsanos Mavreas
36. A Mediation Model of Job Burnout
Michael P. Leiter and Christina Maslach
37. Love and Work: The Relationships Between their Unconscious Choices and Burnout
Ayala Malach Pines
38. Unconscious Influences on the Choice of a Career and their Relationship to Burnout: A Psychoanalytic Existential Approach
Ayala Malach Pines
39. Does Burnout Affect Physical Health? A Review of the Evidence
Arie Shirom and Samuel Melamed
40. Rediscovering Meaning and Purpose at Work: The Transpersonal Psychology Background of a Burnout Prevention Programme
Dirk Van Dierendonck, Bert Garssen and Adriaan Visser
Part VI: Emotional Intelligence at Work
41. Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership
Alexander-Stamatios G. Antoniou
42. Developing Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
Richard E. Boyatzis