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The European Social Model

Modernisation or Evolution?

Nick Adnett

Edward Elgar 2005. 264 s. ISBN 1-84376-125-4
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This is an excellent book that I will definitely use for teaching. Adnett and Hardy provide an optimistic assessment of the potential development of a European Social Model in the face of increasing diversity. Drawing on political, legal and economic frameworks they argue that future regulation is likely to rely on soft law and social dialogue; an argument that is likely to stimulate considerable debate.’
– Jacqueline O’Reilly, Labour Market Policy and Employment Research Unit, Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), Germany

This timely book explores the development of the European Social Model and questions whether the relatively high level of social protection provided, both in terms of social welfare provision and in the creation of workers’ rights and employment regulation, is sustainable.

At the 2000 Lisbon Council the Member States agreed that this model was in need of modernisation if the objective of creating the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in Europe was to be achieved. Consequently, this book examines the economic rationale for EU social policy, identifies the main factors promoting reform and assesses the priorities for reform in the enlarged EU.

As a result of a fruitful collaboration between two authors from different disciplines, and culminating in several contributions to the economic-legal analysis of the EU social policy, this forward-looking book will be of great interest to academics, EU policymakers and law practitioners.
Contents: Preface 1. The Development of the European Social Model 2. The EU Legal and Decision-Making Context 3. The Economics of Employment Regulation 4. Trends and Issues in the European Labour Market 5. Terms of Employment and Workplace Health and Safety 6. Equality in Europe 7. Restructuring Enterprises in Europe 8. Consultation, Participation and Industrial Democracy in Europe 9. The Future of the European Social Model: Modernisation or Evolution? Bibliography Index