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Organizational Dynamics and Intervention

Tools for Changing the Workplace

Seth Allcorn

M.E. Sharpe 2005. 288 s.
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Description: Human nature, in all its complexity, is the single most powerful factor in the workplace. Any effort at organizational diagnosis and change must incorporate the social and psychological dynamics of the operation to have a chance at success.
Drawing on in-depth psychoanalytical theory, and written in clear, easy-to-understand language, this practical text introduces a dozen insightful perspectives for understanding organizational dynamics, and synthesizes them into an integrated approach to organizational diagnosis and change. Each perspective views the workplace from a different vantage point. Together they provide a panoramic view of the true complexity found in the workplace, and a foundation for changing organizational dynamics that will be equally useful for students and professional managers.
Selected Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Organizational Resistance to Change
3. Organizational Fragmentation
4. Goals Within the Workplace
5. Incentives
6. Leadership Pathology
7. Cultures of Organizational Violence
8. The Human Psyche at Work
9. Selecting In and Out-Creating Organizational Homogeneity
10. The Surface of Organizational Experience
11. Smoke and Mirrors in the Workplace
12. Uncommon Commonality
13. The Narrative of Workplace Histories
14. Organizational Diagnosis and Intervention
15. The Final Analysis: The Compound Eye View of the World