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Work-life integration

Case studies of organisational change

Suzan Lewis og Cary L. Cooper

Wiley 2005. 170 s. ISBN 0-470-85344-1
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Developments in IT and communication technology, coupled with the global 24 hour market, have led to boundaries between work and personal life becoming ever more blurred, while work/life policies and practice struggle to keep up. This book aims to challenge traditional thinking on work life balance, and to explore different ways of promoting change at many levels. It provides a historical overview of the topic, critiques contemporary approaches and offers creative ideas for integrating work and personal life in local, national and global contexts.
About the Authors.
Foreword by Professor Ronald J. Burke.
Foreword by The Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt, MP.
Chapter 1. Case Studies and Organisational Learning.
Chapter 2. The Xerox Corporation.
Chapter 3. Energyco.
Chapter 4. Proffirm - The Professional Practice firm.
Chapter 5. Printco.
Chapter 6. Recruitco.
Chapter 7. Adminco.
Chapter 8. Charityco.
Chapter 9. A Long-term View.
Appendix A: Work–Life Integration Change Process.
Appendix B: Work–Personal Life Harmonisation: Visions and Pragmatic Strategies for Change.