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Health, aging and retirement in Europe

first results from the Survey of Health, ageing and retirement in Europe

Axel Börsch-Supan

Mannheim, MEA, 2005. 370 s. ISBN 3-00-015812-x
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“Northern Europeans are healthier and wealthier but the people in the South live longer,” says Professor Axel Börsch-Supan, the coordinator of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (or SHARE). “There is a clear North–South gradient in health and income: Older persons in the North are better off financially and are in better health, but this does not translate into corresponding mortality differences.”

This is one of many new findings revealed by the survey. Financed by the European Commission’s DG Research, the US National Institute on Aging, and several national agencies, SHARE provides data on the life circumstances of about 22,000 persons age 50 and over in 11 European countries, ranging from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

Chapter 1 (Axel Börsch Supan) : Introduction

Chapter 2 (Ed. Axel Börsch Supan) : Who are our 50+ olds ?

Chapter 3 (Ed. Johan Mackenbach) : Health and Health Care

Chapter 4 (Ed. Johannes Siegrist) : Social and Family Context

Chapter 5 (Ed. Agar Brugiavini) : Work and Retirement

Chapter 6 (Ed. Gugliemo Weber) : Socio-Economic Status

Chapter 7 (Ed. Hendrik Jürges) : Methodology