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Seafarers' Rights

Deirdre Fitzpatrick og Michael Anderson

Oxford University Press 2005. 690 s. ISBN 0-19-927752-4
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· A detailed analysis of a very complex subject: the rights of seafarers in international law as well as in key national laws
· Written by top academic and practitioner specialists in the field, offering a comprehensive examination of a problematic area of law
· It is the first book ever to seriously tackle this subject and so fills a major gap in the market
· The 12 national chapters cover the UK, US, Brazil, China, Cyprus, Greece, Liberia, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Russia and South Africa
Seafarers’ Rights provides the reader with a systematic analysis of the rights of seafarers in the context of the international shipping industry, showing how they are made up of a combination of national and international laws, drawn from a number of sources including maritime law, labour law and international human rights law. Central chapters on these topics are dealt with on an international basis, and complemented by 12 chapters covering key national regimes of particular importance in terms of shipping.
The book demonstrates how the seafarer, working in a truly global industry, often falls between the gaps in national and international law. As a result seafarers often have inadequate legal protections. Seafarers’ Rights seeks to document the rights and remedies available to seafarers, highlight the problem areas, examine the legal systems of certain seafaring nations and port states and suggest areas that are ripe for legal reform. Countries covered in the national chapters include Brazil, China, Norway, Russia, South Africa, UK and the US.

Readership: Legal practitioners and labour organisations dealing with seafarers’ rights in practice, inlcuding shipping, human rights and employment lawyers, as well as academics and institutions specialising in maritime, labour and human rights law. Ship owners and other parties active in the maritime industry such as charterers, manning agents and insurers.

· Foreword
· Judge Thomas Mensah: Preface
· Part I
· 1 Alastair Couper (with Thomas Schoenbaum and Robert Grime): Historical Perspectives on Seafarers and the Law
· Part II
· 2 BIICL: International Standards
· 3 BIICL: International Compliance and Enforcement Mechanisms
· Part III
· 4 Robin Churchill and Deirdre Fitzpatrick: Seafarers’ Rights at the National Level
· 5 Nick Gaskell and Christopher Smith: Private Law Regimes Applicable to Seafarers
· Part IV
· Michael Anderson and Deirdre Fitzpatrick: Introduction to the National Chapters
· 6 The Law Firm of Caputo, Bastos, Fruet e Bouissou Advigados: Brazil
· 7 Peter Jiang: China
· 8 Andreas G Michaelides: Cyprus
· 9 Maria Gavouneli: Greece
· 10 John W deGravelles and Philip A Z Banks, III: Liberia
· 11 Mads Andenas (with assistance from Georg Riekeles): Norway
· 12 Enrique Cajigas: Panama
· 13 Emilio A Gancayco: Philippines
· 14 Valeriy A Musin: Russia
· 15 Struan Mundell: South Africa
· 16 Paul Newdick: United Kingdom
· 17 Richard J Dodson: United States
· Part V
· 18 Michael Anderson and Thomas Mensah: Proposals for Legal Reform
· Annex: International Instruments Relevant to Seafarers’ Rights
· Annex: Ratification of International Instruments by Certain Countries

Authors, editors, and contributors
Edited by Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Solicitor and legal officer, International Transport Workers’ Federation, London and Michael Anderson, Senior Fellow, British Institute of International and Comparative Law

Contributors: Mads Andenas, Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London, UK Michael Anderson, British Institute of International and Comparative Law, UK Philip A Z Banks, III, Liberia Law Experts Inc, Liberia BIICL Enrique Cajigas, Cajigas & Co, Panama The Law Firm of Caputo, Bastos, Fruet e Bouissou Advigados, Brazil Robin Churchill, Cardiff University, UK Alastair Couper, former head of the Department of Maritime Studies and International Transport at the University of Cardiff, and past Director of the Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) John W deGravelles, deGravelles, Palmintier, Holthaus & Frugé, US Richard J Dodson, Dodson & Hooks, US Deirdre Fitzpatrick, International Transport Workers’ Federation, London, UK Emilio A Gancayco, Gancayco, Balasbas & Associates Law Offices, Philippines Nick Gaskell, Institute of Maritime Law, Southampton University, UK Maria Gavouneli, Hellenic Institute of International and Foreign Law, Greece Robert Grime, Institute of Maritime Law, Southampton University, UK Peter Jiang, C&M (China) Law Office, China Judge Thomas Mensah, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea Andreas G Michaelides, Michaelides & Michaelidis, Cyprus Struan Mundell, Mundell Inc, South Africa Valeriy A Musin, St Petersburg State University Faculty of Law; Senior Partner, Musin & Partners, Russia Paul Newdick, Clyde & Co, UK Thomas Schoenbaum, International Christian University, Japan, and University of Georgia, US Christopher Smith, Essex Court Chambers