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Performance-based self-esteem

A driving force in burnout processes and its assessment

Lennart Hallsten, Malin Josephson og Margareta Torgén

Arbetslivsinstitutet 2005 40 s. ISBN 9170457441
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

This is the final report from the project “Utbränning, sjukskrivning och arbetsbyte – en prospektiv populationsstudie” (“Burnout, sickness absence and turnover – a prospective population study”), which was begun in the year 2000 funded by AFA, the insurance company (Dnr 2000-0173). The presented empirical material has its point of departure in data from the third phase of the project focusing on performance-based self-esteem (study B in the present manuscript). In addition, the study has been supplemented by data on performance-based self-esteem from the first two phases of the project (study A in the manuscript) as well as from two Swedish surveys from the projects, ”Ett arbetsliv för alla åldrar” (“A working life for all ages”) at National Institute for Working Life and ”Hållbar hälsa i kommuner och landsting” (“Sustainable health in local governments and county councils”) at the Karolinska institute.