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The making of the occupationally disabled person

A case study of organizing the disabled in the Swedish welfare state.

Mikael Holmqvist

Företagsekonomiska inst., Stockholm 2005 52 s.
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

This paper reports how allegedly disabled persons in Sweden are integrated on the labor market through a government-sponsored labor market program. The study highlights how the Swedish National Employment Office creates the occupationally disabled as a result of its goal to integrate people on the labor market who are assumed to have particular difficulties in finding or keeping a job. Job applicants who are classified as occupationally disabled are not initially occupationally disabled, but become occupationally disabled by adopting the organizational norms, rules and routines that specify what is expected of them as occupationally disabled, what is morally and ethically acceptable and unacceptable as occupationally disabled, suitable and unsuitable behavior as occupationally disabled and good and bad ways of thinking as occupationally disabled. Occupational disability is, in other words, a learned social role taught to people by organizations for the disabled.