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Creating a Committed and Productive Workforce

Paul Mooney

Liffey Press 2005, 366 s. ISBN 1904148719
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

In this provocative new book, Paul Mooney argues that the union-free organisation is fast becoming the preferred model for employee relations in Ireland. He shows why this is happening against a backdrop of profound changes in workplace practices, and argues that when done correctly it can benefit employers and employees alike. The book is not intended as a “union-basher’s Bible”, but rather explains that in the changing world of work, where the emphasis is now on flexibility, flat organisations and high employee commitment, direct communication with employees and reduced levels of workplace conflict is the way forward. The traditional methods of industrial relations have become outdated and ineffective.
Mooney explains in detail the advantages and disadvantages of operating on a non-union basis for both companies and employees. He describes the human resource practices typically found in unionised and non-union sectors, and shows why unionisation tends to occur when conflict arises — and how it can be avoided. He provides useful advice on how to deal with a union recognition drive, but more importantly he shows how innovative employment policies can create a committed workforce that does not feel the need for the protection of a union. The book concludes with extremely useful appendices including a non-union assessment tool, examples of how to explain a non-union philosophy to employees, and non-union training materials for managers.
Union-Free will be required reading for HR managers, company directors, line managers and enlightened employees in a wide variety of industries. It shows that companies today need to reject the idea of the employer as an enemy and replace the class struggle with the struggle for markets. It is no longer us (the workers) against them (the management) but our company against the competition.