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The enlargement of social Europe

The role of social partners in the European Employment Strategy Part II

Céline Lafoucriere og Lars Magnusson

Arbetslivsinstitutet 2005, SALTSA 05:25
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

In the wake of the eastward enlargement of the EU, this publication examines the democratic preparations underway in the new member states to guarantee full participation of the social partners in the European Employment Strategy (EES). While all new member states have undeniably made considerable efforts to transpose social directives into their national legislation, relatively little evidence of practical implementation is so far available.
In the light of the importance of a sound combination of social and economic policies for securing the wellbeing of European workers and citizens in a context of economic prosperity, this publication evaluates the existing social dialogue situation and national approaches to the EES in six new member states and one candidate country. It is of crucial importance to monitor the EES and its provisions to increase social partner involvement in employment policy, at all levels of influence, and the choice to focus this study on Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia is a strategic one, covering all corners of the geographic spread.
This publication presents the results of close collaboration between the SALTSA-programme – the National Institute for Working Life and the Swedish Trade Unions in Co-operation – the CREER – the Centre de Recherche Européenne pour l’emploi et les ressources humaines – and the ETUI.