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Labour supply and incentives to work in Europe

Ramón Gómez-Salvador, Ana Lamo, Barbara Petrongola, Melanie Ward og Etienne Wasmer

Edward Elgar 2005. 424 s. ISBN 1845421299
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Labour Supply and Incentives to Work in Europe highlights recent developments in the labour supply in Europe and gives a detailed assessment of their link with economic policies and labour market institutions. Despite major changes in European labour supply during the past few decades, the existing literature still lacks a comprehensive study of the relationship between labour supply and labour market institutions from a macro perspective.

The contributors, themselves from a variety of academic disciplines and backgrounds, consider aspects of labour supply such as incentives to work, determinants of labour force participation and new forms of employment relationships. Each original and specially written chapter has its own discussion chapter to follow it. The book ends with a valuable panel discussion on the topic of labour supply in an enlarged Europe.
Contents: Introduction Part I: Incentives to Work 1. A Matching Model of Non-Employment and Wage Pressure 2. Tax Effects on Work Activity, Industry Mix and Shadow Economy Size: Evidence from Rich Country Comparisons Part II: Factors Affecting Labour Force Participation 3. Mother’s Changing Labour Supply in Britain, the USA and Sweden 4. Women’s Hours of Market Work in Germany: The Role of Parental Leave 5. The Determinants of Labour Force Participation in the European Union 6. Hiring Incentives and Labour Force Participation in Italy Part III: New Forms of Employment Relationships 7. Recent Developments in Part-time Work in EU Countries: Trends and Policy 8. Matching Workers to Jobs on the Fast Lane: The Operation of Fixed-Term Contracts Part IV: Panel Discussion – Labour Supply in an Enlarged Europe Labour Supply in a New Europe • Challenges for Labour Markets in the New Europe • Causes and Consequences of International Labour Mobility in an Enlarged EU • Does EU Enlargement Imply a ‘Race to the Bottom’ in EU Labour Markets? • The Effects of Enlargement in Imperfect Labour Markets Index
Contributors: H. Bonin, A. Brigden, H. Brücker, H. Buddelmeyer, P. Cipollone, S.J. Davis, S. Dex, C. Di Maria, J.J. Dolado, R.W. Euwals, P. Garibaldi, V. Genre, R. Gómez-Salvador, A. Guelfi, M. Gurgand, S. Gustaffson, M. Henrekson, A. Jenkins, H. Joshi, E. Kenjoh, M.R. Killingsworth, A. Lamo, M. Merz, J. Messina, F.P. Mongelli, G. Mourre, J. Ortega, B. Petrongolo, P. Portugal, D.J. Snower, J. Thomas, J. van Ours, J.M. Varejão, M. Ward, E. Wasmer