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Changing Prospects for Trade Unionism

Comparisons Between Six Countries (Employment and Work Relations in Context)

Peter Fairbrother og Gerard Griffin

Continuum International Publishing Group 2002, 256 s.; ISBN: 082645612X
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Trade union movements in many countries face uncertain futures. After three decades of extensive economic restructuring at both national and international levels, often accompanied by major legislative reforms, the way forward for unions is unclear. Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, in most developed economies, union membership declined massively and union leaders and their members lost their former prominence and their place in the polity. Will trade unions be able to re-establish their past salience in the bargaining arena and in the polity? Or, given the uncertainties of internationalized economies and states, will the first decade of this new century see further declines in union strength and power? This book examines these and related questions by exporing the background, current roles and prospects of trade unions in six English-speaking countries.