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Thriving on an aging workforce

Strategies for organizational and systemic change

Paulette T. Beatty og Roemer M.S. Visser

Krieger 2005. 228 s. ISBN 1575242001

By means of a modified Delphi, the editors bring together nationally recognized leaders in the aging workforce arena. With these experts, we find the best minds in America identifying the most crucial issues facing our society as we strive for organizational excellence and prepare for the future with an increasingly aging workforce. These issues are identified: recruiting and retaining older workers; training older workers; career development for older workers; enhancing intergenerational relations; health and older workers; pensions and older workers; and redefining retirement. Each issue is then addressed from two perspectives. In most cases, the perspective of leaders in the field, such as expert consultants, leaders and professionals in professional organizations, acclaimed think tanks, and governmental agencies, is contrasted with the perspective of acclaimed academic scholars from fields such as psychology, sociology, law, and gerontology, among others. For each issue, the contributors present specific recommendations for building individual and collective excellence with an aging workforce. In the final chapter, the editors summarize and synthesize these contributions and present strategies that are most likely to result in systemic, organizational change.