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Research and development of gender equality in working life

Seminar report

Sirpa Kolehmainen

University of Tampere 2005. 106 s. ISBN 9514462521
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The Equality Promoting Surplus Value project (EPSUVA) arranged a Finnish-Swedish seminar called The Research and Development of Gender Equality in Working Life in the Work Research Centre, University of Tampere on 5-6 February 2004. The seminar was designed to be a part or inhouse training for the project and a chance for researchers interested in gender equality and action research to network with each other as well. We invited certain experts in the area of gender and work from the National Institute for Working Life (Arbetslivinstitutet), Sweden, and from National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (Stakes), Statistics Finland and the University of Tampere, Finland, to discuss with us. The invited presentations are collected up into this publication according to the seminar programme. Altogether 27 researchers participated in the seminar