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The creation and destruction of social capital

Entrepreneurship, co-operative movements and institutions

Gunnar Lind Haase Svendsen og Gert Tinggaard Svendsen

Edward Elgar 2005. 224 s. ISBN 1845425332

Is social capital the ‘missing link’ in economics? In this vital new book, the authors argue that the ‘forgotten’ production factor of social capital is as crucial in economic decision-making as the other more traditional factors of production such as physical, financial and human capital. They attempt to bridge the gap between theory and reality by examining the main factors that determine entrepreneurship, co-operative movements and the creation and destruction of social capital.
Preface Foreword by Elinor Ostrom 1. Introduction: The ‘Missing Link’ 2. Social Capital and Entrepreneurship 3. Co-operative Movements and Social Capital in Denmark and Poland 4. Bridging Social Capital and Entrepreneurship in Rural Denmark 5. Bonding Social Capital and Centralization: The Post-War Danish Co-operative Movement 6. Bonding Social Capital and Theory Effects: The Danish Village Society Movement 7. Bonding and Bridging Social Capital: A Contemporary Fieldwork Study 8. Conclusion Bibliography Index