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Flexible working and organisational change

The integration of work and personal life

Bram Peper, Anneke van Doorne-Huiskes og Laura den Dulk

Edward Elgar 2005. 368 s. ISBN 1843766183

Organisations and the nature of work have undergone fundamental changes in recent decades. At the same time, the traditional family pattern in Europe is being challenged by the growing number of dual-income families, and by the rise of women’s employment.
The central focus of this book is to consider to what extent changes in organisations and in the nature of jobs are compatible with the need, increasingly expressed by employees, for greater integration between work and family life. The book questions what sort of dilemmas modern and future employees face, in terms of shaping their careers and organising their lives at home. The authors formulate answers to these problematic questions by shedding light on relevant developments in the European labour markets, the European workplaces, in (flexible) working patterns, changing preferences for working hours and in gender relations at work.
Contents: Preface Part I: Change in a European Context Part II: Flexible Working Part III: Working Time, Leave Facilities and Teleworking Part IV: The Integration of Work and Personal Life Index
Contributors: C. Baaijens, M. Caprile, L. den Dulk, F. Deven, M. Gesthuizen, A. Goedicke, J. Hansen, K. Krüger, S. Lewis, J. Nätti, A. Need, B. Peper, D. Perrons, P. Peters, R. Rapoport, J. Schippers, B. Steijn, K. Tijdens, H. Trappe, T. van der Lippe, A. van Doorne-Huiskes, M. van Klaveren, C. Wetzels