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Moving towards the virtual workplace

Managerial and societal perspectives on telework

Viviane Illegems og Alain Verbeke

Edward Elgar 2005. 272 s. ISBN 1843765047
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Moving Towards the Virtual Workplace provides the first comprehensive overview of the many impacts of telework/telecommuting adoption, from both a managerial and societal perspective. This book argues that telework will be increasingly adopted in the twenty-first century, representing a far-reaching move toward the virtual workplace, with dramatic implications for the management of the workforce and for society at large.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents: 1. Introduction 2. A Societal Perspective on Telework 3. A Managerial Perspective on Telework Adoption: Target Group Implementation 4. A Managerial Perspective on Telework Adoption: Parameters Affecting the Employer’s View 5. A Managerial Perspective on Telework: Parameters Affecting the Employee’s View 6. A Societal Perspective on Telework: The Alleviation of Road Transport Externalities Appendices References Index