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Associate Professor Vibeke Andersen
+45 45936032


Pernille Bottrup, Birgit Hjermov and Vibeke Andersen:
Different enterprises - different demands: Types of enterprises, ordinary qualifications, and ways of learning
Reference (in Danish)
Reviewed in Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv no. 4 1999, page 119 - 122.
Review (in Danish)

Vibeke Andersen, Bruno Clematide and Steen Høyrup:
The workplace as a learning place
Reference (in Danish)

Vibeke Andersen, Betina Dybbroe and Ida Bering:
Community demands co-operation: A report from the project about nursing in transition

Anders Siig Andersen, Janne Gleerup and Vibeke Andersen:
Project work and learning
Reference (in Danish)

Elena Antonacopoulou, Peter Jarvis, Vibeke Andersen, Bente Elkjær and Steen Høyrup:
Learning, working and living
Palgrave 2005. 280 s. ISBN 1403947678

Anders Siig Andersen, Vibeke Andersen and Jørgen Gleerup:
Modernisation and learning in the state
Reference (in Danish)

Vibeke Andersen, Pia Bramming and Flemming Nielsen:
Environmental issues for the future. New management methods and concepts of the work
Reference (in Danish)

Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Ole H. Sørensen, Anders Buch, Peter Holdt Christensen og Vibeke Andersen:
Influence and knowledge work
Can you have too much of a good thing?

Kan man få for meget af det gode
in no. 2 2007, page 38 - 54.
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Vibeke Andersen og Flemming Nielsen:

in no. 3 2007, page 88 - 92.
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