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Associate Professor Anders Siig Andersen
+45 46742798


Anders Siig Andersen, Bettina Dausien and Kirsten Larsen (eds.):
Real life historical stories and the interpreting social science
Reference (in Danish)

Anders Siig Andersen, Janne Gleerup and Vibeke Andersen:
Project work and learning
Reference (in Danish)

Linden West, Peter Alheit, Anders Siig Andersen and Barbara Merrill (eds.):
Using biographical and life history approaches in the study of adult and lifelong learning
Peter Lang 2007, 310 s. ISBN 9783631562864

Anders Siig Andersen, Vibeke Andersen and Jørgen Gleerup:
Modernisation and learning in the state
Reference (in Danish)

Article in T2M Yearbook:

Anders Siig Andersen, Signe Mette Jensen og Finn M. Sommer:
Learning in organisations
Office work and modernisation in the state sector

Kontorarbejde og statslig modernisering
in no. 1 2000, page 37 - 62.
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