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Working Life Info is an independent news service about working life, the working environment, and the labour market. It focuses on work and people at work, the significance of work, as well as work cultures and the regulation of these areas.

Here you can find articles, presentations of new and forthcoming books, invitations for meetings, conferences and seminars, links to others resources, discussions, and so on.

The purpose is to bring researchers together in an international cooperation. The main language is English but we encourage researchers that normally publish in German, French, and other non-English languages to presents their studies in English.

The news service is open for interdisciplinary research and for contributions rooted in particular professional traditions such as sociology, psychology, history, law, economics, industrial relations, and organizational theory. They may have a character of basic research or of applicationdirected research.

Behind Working Life Info stands the learned society CSA, Centre for Studier i Arbejdsliv (Centre for Studies in Working Life), whose members are researchers from the Danish universities and research institutions. A number of the members are from similar institutions in Norway and Sweden too.

The society publishes the learned journal Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv ( Journal for Working Life). The peer-reviewed articles and the book reviews are published on the Danish language news service on the Internet, Nyt om Arbejdsliv, a year after the printed publication. The titles and English resumes are presented here in Working Life Info.

You can have contact with the Danish research community too. In the section titled Who is Who, more than 500 researchers are presented with their contact information, institution, work, and projects.

The editorial board of the learned journal "Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv" is responsible for the publishing of Working Life Info.


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