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01.01 job change/mobility
. . .01.01.01 geographical mobility
. . .01.01.01 mobility of workers
. . .01.01.02 foreign worker
. . .01.01.02 immigration
. . .01.01.02 immigration
. . .01.01.03 career
. . .01.01.03 job change?
. . .01.01.03 employee recruitment
. . .01.01.04 free movement of workers
01.02 professional personnel
. . .01.02.01 public employee
. . .01.02.02 service industries
. . .01.02.03 teachers
. . .01.02.04 industrial worker
. . .01.02.05 care assistants, nurse
. . .01.02.06 building and construction worker
01.03 workforce diversity
. . .01.03.01 white collar workers
. . .01.03.01 highly-educated
. . .01.03.01 skilled/qualified worker
. . .01.03.01 blue collar concept
. . .01.03.01 unskilled worker
. . .01.03.01 white collar concept/salaried worker
. . .01.03.01 apprentice
. . .01.03.02 retired person, retirement
. . .01.03.02 elderly people, seniors
. . .01.03.03 youth
. . .01.03.03 child workers
. . .01.03.04 ethnicity, immigration
01.04 gender
. . .01.04.01 mainstreaming
. . .01.04.01 gender equality
. . .01.04.02 women, conditions; women's work
01.05 self employment
. . .01.05.01 free-lance
. . .01.05.02 telework
. . .01.05.02 teleworking
. . .01.05.03 teleworking/distance work/homeworking
. . .01.05.04 atypical conditions of employment
01.06 social exposed groups
. . .01.06.01 social inclusive labour market
. . .01.06.01 social responsibility, enterprise
. . .01.06.01 equal opportunity
. . .01.06.01 ethics
. . .01.06.02 people with disabilities
01.07 collective conditions, special
. . .01.07.01 worker, working class
. . .01.07.01 working class lore
. . .01.07.02 solidarity
. . .01.07.03 organisational culture
01.08 family, leisure time
. . .01.08.01 family affairs
. . .01.08.01 parental
. . .01.08.02 leasure/spare time
Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Henning Salling Olesen: Professions - mirrors of work life in late modernity?

Steen Wisborg: From nurse to manager

Palle Rasmussen: Good professional work

Karin Mathiesen og Hans Hvenegaard: New forms of cooperation between management and employees in the state sector

Anders Siig Andersen, Signe Mette Jensen og Finn M. Sommer: Learning in organisations

Kirsten Bregn: New Pay Systems in the Public Sector

Hans Jørgen Limborg: The Working Environment of Social Workers

Thomas Bredgaard, Nicolai Abildgaard, Lene Dalsgaard og Flemming Larsen: Municipal activation

Helle Bach og Peter Sidelmann: Why are women so relatively poorly represented at the executive level within the Danish ministries?

Steen Navrbjerg: Between participation and co-determination

Louise Haugan Vergo: Employees in change

Thomas Skovgaard: The journey through no-man's land

Dorte Caswell og Bodil Damgaard: Employment Policy and Structural Reform in Denmark – who gains?

Lotte Bak Pedersen: The winds of change – the interaction between organizational culture and merger process

Peter Hagedorn-Rasmussen, Jeppe Højland og John Storm Pedersen: Reform of the Municipal System in Denmark: Consequences for managers and employees

Ole Busck: Bin men are humans too!

Lasse Suenperä Liebst og Merete Monrad: Between empathy and depersonalization

Steen Nepper Larsen: Critics of the technocratic reason

Louise Karlskov Skyggebjerg: Workinglife in supermarkets

Bibi Hølge-Hazelton: The Feminization of General Medical Practice

Morten Smistrup: Vocation and vocational identity

Finn Wiedemann: Teaching

Finn Wiedemann: Teamwork in primary and secondary schools – experiences and perspectives

Peter Olsén og Christian Clausen: Adjustment or autonomy?

Lars Fuglsang: The foundations of a flexible and interactive working model in home care

Annette Bilfeldt og Elsebeth Hofmeister: Development of work and care in carecenters

Annette Bilfeldt og Elsebeth Hofmeister: Gender, Autonomy and Quality in Working Life

Eva Munk-Madsen: 'The World Champion Help System”?

Anne Liveng: The orientation of social- and health helper assistant trainees towards caring and the contradictory demands of the work

Marta Szebehely: Organisational changes and everyday realities

Betina Dybbroe: Care in the Intersection between Work and Life

Leena Eskelinen, Dorte Caswell og Søren Peter Olesen: Professional Practice in Social Work as Research Object

Christer Törnquist: Economic Paradigms and Health Care in Sweden

Pernille Bertelsen: Will the Electronic Patient Records (EPR) eliminate the need for medical secretaries at the Danish hospitals?

Annegrethe Ahrenkiel, Betina Dybbroe og Finn M. Sommer: Nurses’ influence on professional quality in the workplace


Indvandrere i rengøringsbranchen



Michael Davis: Profession, Code, and Ethics

Barbara Bagilhole: Women in Non-traditional Occupations

P. Belcher, H. Sampson, M. Thomas, J. Veiga og M. Zhao: Women seafarers

Jan Kruse: Arbeit und Ambivalenz

Howard Gardner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi og William Damon: Good Work

Jonathan Winterton: Typology of knowledge, skills and comptences

Daniel Muzio, Stephen Acroyd og Jean-Francois Chanlat: Redirections in the study of expert labour

Kathleen M. Barry: Femininity in flight

Harry Collins og Robert Evans: Rethinking expertise

Pauline Dibben, Geoffrey Wood og Ian Roper: Contesting Public Sector Reforms

Anne E. Preston: Leaving Science

David Farnham, Annie Hondeghem og Sylvia Horton: Staff Participation and Public Management Reform

Pauline Dibben, Philip James, Ian Roper og Geoffrey Wood: Modernising work in public services

Hans-Ulrich Derlien og B. Guy Peters: The state at work, volume 1

Hans-Ulrich Derlien og B. Guy Peters: The state at work, volume 2

Jos C.N. Raadschelders, Theo A.J. Toonen og Frits M. van der Meer: The civil service in the 21st Century

Rona Beattie og Stephen P. Osborne: Human Ressource Management in the public sector

Mona Larsen: Lønforskelle mellem offentlig og privat sektor

Steffen Lehndorff og Emmanuel Mermet: New forms of employment and working time in the service economy (NESY)

Stephen J. Frenkel, Marek Korczynski, Karen A. Shire og May Tam: On the Front Line

Marino Regini, Jim Katay og Martin Baethge: From Tellers to Sellers

Bert Altena og Marcel van der Linden: De-Industrialization

Anthony H. Winefield, Maureen F. Dollard og Helen R. Winefield: Occupational stress in the service professions

Alexandra Wagner, Markus Pohlmann, Gudrun Trautwein-Kalms og Dieter Sauer: Dienstleistungsarbeit

Arne Carlsen, Roger Klev og Georg von Krogh: Living Knowledge

Gerhard Bosch og Steffen Lehndorff: Working in the service sector

Denise Carlyle og Peter Woods: Emotions of teacher stress

H.-G. Schönwälder, J. Berndt, F. Ströver og G. Tiesler: Belastung und Beanspruchung von Lehrerinnen und Lehrern

Davina Allen og David Hughes: Nursing and the Division of Labour in Healthcare

Margret Flieder: Was hält Krankenschwestern im Beruf?

Mary Daly: Care work

Jenny Spouse: Professional learning in nursing

Bernd Hans Müller, Hans-Martin Hasselhorn og Peter Tackenberg: Working conditions and intent to leave the profession among nursing staff in Europe

Patrick J. Morissette: The pain of helping

Laurel Smith-Doerr: Women's Work

Sheila H. Akabas og Paul A. Kurzman: Work and the Workplace

Helene Brodin: Does Anybody Care?