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Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Peter Nielsen: HRM in practice

Jesper Tynell: »It’s my own fault«

Louise Haugan Vergo: Employees in change

Daniel Flemming og Henrik Søborg: Multinational Human Resource Policy and Internal Labour Markets in Danish Companies

Tage Søndergård Kristensen, Peter Hasle og Jan Hyld Pejtersen: Workplace social capital

Helge Hvid og Niels Møller: The social system of the firm and the strategy of the developmental work

Pernille Bottrup: Learning space and working conditions

Christel Arendt Nielsen: Developmental Work

Niels Møller og Peter Olsén: Development and solidarity

Peter Hasle, Jens Voxtrup Petersen og Inger-Marie Wiegman: The Role of Collective Agreements in Working Environment Regulation

Hans Hvenegaard: Employees have Influence at Work – but what about the long term development of work?


Human capital and the global division of labor

Legen gør magtens logik usynlig


Society for Human Ressource Management


Terence Jackson: International HRM

K. Whitfield og G. Strauss: Researching the World of Work

Keith Sisson og John Storey: The Realities of Human Resource Management

Anne Bruce: Building a high morale workplace

Gerard P. Hodgkinson og Paul R. Sparrow: The competent organization

Anne-Will Harzing og Joris Van Ruysseveldt: International Human Resource Management

Mustafa Özbilgin: International Human Resource Management

Henrik Holt Larsen og Wolfgang Mayrhofer: Managing human resources in Europe

Sharon Bolton og Maeve Houlihan: Searching for the human in human ressource management

Ashly Pinnington, Rob Macklin og Tom Campbell: Human Ressource Management

Rowena Barrett og Susan Mayson: International handbook of entrepreneurship and HRM

Christian Scholz og Hans Böhm: Human Ressource Management in Europe

John Purcell, Nicholas Kinnie, Juani Swart, Bruce Rayton og Susan Hutchinson: People management and performance

Michael Dieckmann, Paul Sparrow og Chris Brewster: International Human Ressource Management

Rona Beattie og Stephen P. Osborne: Human Ressource Management in the public sector

Peter Docherty, Jan Forslin og Rami Shani: Creating sustainable work systems

Philippe Debroux: Human Resource Management in Japan

Mari Kira: From good work to sustainable development

Carol Boyd: Human resource management and occupational health

Paul R. Sparrow, Chris Brewster og Hilary Harris: Globalizing Human Resource Management

Karen Legge: Human Resource Management

Fang Lee Cooke: HRM, Work and Employment in China

Karen Evans, Phil Hodkinson og Lorna Unwin: Working to learn

Marianne van Woerkom: Critical reflection at work

Ash Amin og Joanne Roberts: Community, economic creativity, and organization