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03.01 basic vocational training
. . .03.01.01 vocational education
. . .03.01.01 vocational education
. . .03.01.01 workman/craftsman
. . .03.01.02 education
03.02 continuing training/continuing education
. . .03.02.01 job training, off the
. . .03.02.01 competence development
. . .03.02.01 learning, qualifying
. . .03.02.01 lifelong learning
. . .03.02.01 occupational qualification development
. . .03.02.02 appraisal interview/performance review
. . .03.02.02 human ressource development/employee development
03.03 vocational training, aspects of
. . .03.03.01 occupational qualification
Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Anders Vind: A Danish expansion in competences?

Thomas Aastrup Rømer: Work-experience and adult education

Birger Steen Nielsen og Kurt Aagaard Nielsen: Work and sense of art

Christian Helms Jørgensen: Education, training and the transformation of work

Thomas Binder og Bente Elkjær: New Learning Templates

Peter Olsén og Christian Clausen: Adjustment or autonomy?

Ida Juul: Learning potentials in school and at work

Søren Voxted: The transformation of Human Resource Management in manufacturing industry

Jann Scheuer: Managerial Ideals and Linguistic


Performance, skills, competences in the 21st. Century

Researching Work and Learning


Institute of Industrial Relations


David Beckett og Paul Hager: Life, work, and learning

Klaus Schömann og Philip J. O'Connell: Education, training and employment dynamics

Giorgio Brunello, Pietro Garibaldi og Etienne Wasmer: Education and training in Europe

Richard Cooney og Mark Stuart: Trade unions and workplace training

Helen Rainbird, Alison Fuller og Anne Munro: Workplace Learning in Context

Irena Grugulis: Skills, training & human ressource development

Daniel Goleman: Følelsernes intelligens på arbejdspladsen

Daniel Goleman, Annie McKee og Richard Boyatzis: Følelsesmæssig intelligens i lederskab

Daniel Goleman: Følelsernes intelligens

Stephen R. Covey: 7 gode vaner

Karl E. Weick: Making Sense of the Organization

Karen Evans, Phil Hodkinson og Lorna Unwin: Working to learn

Etienne Wenger: Communities of Practice

Georg von Krogh, Johan Roos og Dirk Kleine: Knowing in Firms

Richard C. Huseman og Jon P. Goodman: Leading with Knowledge

Philippe Baumard: Tacit Knowledge in Organizations

Craig Prichard, Richard Hull, Mike Chumer og Hugh Willmoth: Managing Knowledge

Stephen Billett: Learning in the workplace

Jenny Spouse: Professional learning in nursing

Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott og Willilam M. Snyder: Cultivating Communities of Practice

Russ Vince: Rethinking strategic learning

Etienne Wenger: Praksisfællesskaber

Helen Rainbird, Alison Fuller og Anne Munro: Workplace Learning in Context

Graham Cheetham og Geoff Chivers: Professions, competence and informal learning

Denise Thurfield: Post-fordism and skill

David Beckett og Paul Hager: Life, work, and learning

Arne Carlsen, Roger Klev og Georg von Krogh: Living Knowledge

Daniel Goleman: Følelsernes intelligens