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Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Jens Lind og Iver Hornemann Møller: Unemployment Policy and Workfare


Geographical localisation, intersectoral reallocation of labour and unemployment

Økonomiske incitamenter i universelle velfærdsstater

Employment uncertainty and family dynamics

The Changing World of Work


Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung


Alan B. Krueger og Robert M. Solow: The Roaring Nineties

Peter Bleses og Antje Vetterlein: Gewerkschaften ohne Vollbeschäftigung

Günther Schmid og Bernard Gazier: The dynamics of full employment

William Mitchell: Full employment abandoned

Günther Schmid: Full employment in Europe

Jose Antonio Ocampo og K.S. Jomo: Towards full and decent employment

Clifford L. Broman og V. Lee Hamilton: Stress and distress among the unemployed

Thomas J. Cottle: Hardest times

Ging Wong og Garnett Picot: Working time in comparative perspective - Vol. 1

Amy Sue Bix: Inventing Ourselves Out of Jobs?

Zygmunt Bauman: Arbejde, forbrugerisme og de nye fattige

Claudia Kurz: Regionale Arbeitslosigkeit, Risikoausgleich und staatliche Transfersysteme

Florian Späte: Internationale Integration und Arbeitslosigkeit

Zygmunt Bauman: Work, consumerism and the new poor

Duncan Gallie og Serge Paugam: Welfare Regimes and the Experience of Unemployment in Europe

Horst Siebert: Globalization and labor

Jeremy Rifkin: Arbetets undergång

Ann-Christin Jans: Notifications and job losses on the Swedish labour market

György Szell: European Labour Relations. Vol 1

Peter Auer, Sabine Blaschke og Sandrine Cazes: Employment stability in an age of flexibility

Henk Overbeek: The political economy of European employment

Phineas Baxandall: Constructing Unemployment

Danièle E. Meulders, Robert Plasman og Francois Rycx: Minimum Wages, Low Pay and Unemployment

Martin Zigler: Growth and Employment in Europe

Engelbert Stockhammer: The Rise Of Unemployment In Europe

Duncan Gallie: Resisting marginalization

David R. Howell: Fighting unemployment

Susan Warner Weil: Unemployed Youth and Social Exclusion in Europe

Jochen Clasen, Martin Rhodes og Maurizio Ferrera: Welfare states and the challenge of unemployment

Thomas Kieselbach, Anthony H. Winefield, Carolyn Boyd og Sarah Anderson: Unemployment and health

Germana Di Domenico og Silvia Spattini: New European approaches to long term unemployment

Torild Hammer: Youth unemployment and social exclusion in Europe

Gregory DeFreitas: Young workers in the global economy