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Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Karsten Bøjesen Andersen og Claus Agø Hansen: Workbased learning – taylorist practice or holistic development?

Bente Elkjær: It’s been a long time since somebody talked about the learning organization

Anders Siig Andersen, Signe Mette Jensen og Finn M. Sommer: Learning in organisations

Pernille Bottrup: Learning space and working conditions

Christian Clausen og Annette Kamp: Improving working life

Peter Nielsen: Employee Involvement and Participation in Learning Organizations

Maria Gustavsson: Health promotion within an emergency department

Henrik Kvadsheim: Conceptualizing the work environment in workplace development

Preben H. Lindøe: Actors, arenas and roles in workplace development

Carl Cato Wadel: When co-workers have to lead each other

Mari Kira: Sustainable work system development

Helge Hvid: Sustainability and living work

Peter Hagedorn-Rasmussen, Jeppe Højland og John Storm Pedersen: Reform of the Municipal System in Denmark: Consequences for managers and employees


The new world of work, employment and organisastions


European Employee Support Network (EESUN)

Fondazione Istituto per il Lavoro


Robert Defillippi, Michael Arthur og Valerie Lindsay: Knowledge at work

Peter Docherty, Jan Forslin og Rami Shani: Creating sustainable work systems

Su Mi Park Dahlgaard: The human dimension in TQM

Raanan Lipshitz: Demystifying organizational learning

Robert Defillippi, Michael Arthur og Valerie Lindsay: Knowledge at work

Gisela Kiesay: Arbeit, Technik, Sicherheit und Gesundheit in der Wissensgesellschaft

Mark Easterby-Smith, John Burgoyne og Luis Araujo: Organizational Learning and the Learning Organization

Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Pedro Ceonceicao og M.V. Heitor: Innovation, competence building and social cohesion in Europe

Marianne van Woerkom: Critical reflection at work

Russ Vince: Rethinking strategic learning

Sylvia Gherardi og Davide Nicolini: Organizational knowledge

Heinz Stiewe: Die Förderung menschlicher Flexibilität in modernen Arbeitsstrukturen

Martin Höpner: Wer beherrscht die Unternehmen?

Roger Blanpain: Corporate Restructuring and the Role of Labour Law

David Rees og Richard McBain: People Management

Kathe Nonås: Vision versus reality in organizational change

Ruth Simpson og Patricia Lewis: Voice, visibility and the gendering of organizations

Lorna McKee, Ewan Ferlie og Paula Hyde: Organizing and reorganizing