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06.01 management, development of
. . .06.01.01 human ressource management
. . .06.01.01 management
. . .06.01.02 management consultantancy
. . .06.01.02 fordism
. . .06.01.02 taylorism, scientific management
06.02 innovation introductions?
. . .06.02.01 change management
. . .06.02.01 value based management
. . .06.02.02 work, flexible
. . .06.02.02 self-managing work teams/autonomous work groups
Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Helge Hvid: ‘To be in control’

Ann Westenholz: Sitizens in the workplace society

Jørgen Burchardt: Introduction of new management concepts

Anette Steen Pedersen og Elisabeth Plum: It makes a difference to see the differences

Henrik Lambrecht Lund: Integrated management systems and workplace democracy

Ann Westenholz: Cross-hierarchical Management

Helle Bach og Peter Sidelmann: Why are women so relatively poorly represented at the executive level within the Danish ministries?

Steen Wisborg: From nurse to manager

Verner Kristiansen, Lars Meibom og Lotte Andersen: The management had to be seen

Kirsten Marie Bovbjerg: Disciplining the self - a new deal in work life?

Jørgen Burchardt: Introduction of new management concepts

Jørgen Burchardt, Peter Olsén, Thomas Rasmussen og Hans Jeppe Jeppesen: Teamorganisation - an introduction

Lasse Suenperä Liebst og Merete Monrad: Between empathy and depersonalization


6th international critical management conference

Lederskab i Kina

The Changing World of Work



Stephen J. Guastello: Managing emergent phenomena

Christine Parker: The open corporation

Stephen J. Mezias og E. Boyle: The organizational dynamics of creative destruction

Martin Höpner: Wer beherrscht die Unternehmen?

Paul L. Robertson: Authority and Control in Modern Industry

Philippe Baumard: Tacit Knowledge in Organizations

Joni Lovenduski og Susan Stephenson: Women in decision-making

Monir H. Tayeb: The Management of International Enterprises

Peggy Bernin: Managers´ working conditions

Andreas Werr: The Language of Change

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries: Struggling with the demon

Roy L. Payne og Cary L. Cooper: Emotions at work

Seth Allcorn: Death of the spirit in the American workplace

Sherwin Klein: Ethical business leadership

Heidi von Weltzien Hiovik: Moral Leadership in Action

Daniel Goleman: Følelsernes intelligens på arbejdspladsen

Daniel Goleman, Annie McKee og Richard Boyatzis: Følelsesmæssig intelligens i lederskab

Howard Gospel og Andrew Pendleton: Corporate Governance and Labour Management

Jette Schramm-Nielsen, Peter Lawrence og Karl Henrik Sivesind: Management In Scandinavia

Hugh Scullion og Margaret Linehan: International Human Resource Management.

David Rees og Richard McBain: People Management

Peter Fairbrother: Managerialism, public sector reform and industrial relations

Gregor Murray og Gilles Trudeau: The regulation of work and employment in global firms

Alexancer-Stamatios G. Antoniou, Cary L. Cooper, George P. Chrousos, Charles D. Spielberger og Michael William Eysenck: Handbook of managerial behavior and occupational health

Denise Thurfield: Post-fordism and skill

Riccardo Bellofiori: Global Money, Capital Restructuring And The Changing Patterns Of Labour

Luis Enrique Alonso og Miguel Martínez Lucio: Employment relations in a changing society

Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto: Human Nature and Organization Theory

J.H. Richardson: An Introduction to the Study of Industrial Relations

Stephen M. Colarelli: No best way