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Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Lars Fuglsang: The foundations of a flexible and interactive working model in home care

Steen Navrbjerg: Flexibility and solidarity.

Christian Helms Jørgensen, Pernille Bottrup og Hans Jeppe Jeppesen: Introduction

Hans Jørgen Limborg: Risk and prevention in the ‘new working life’ - a working environment perspective

Helle Holt: Influence on your own work time as solution to the conflict between work life and family life.

Kirsten Marie Bovbjerg: Disciplining the self - a new deal in work life?

Hans Jeppe Jeppesen: Flexibility in working time and the flexible employees

Henning Salling Olesen: About the working society

Peter Musaeus og Claus Elmholdt: Eclecticism in vocational education

Lise Drewes Nielsen og Kurt Aagaard Nielsen: A sustainable flexibility?

Helge Hvid: Dilemmas in participation of employee’s in ‘partnerships’

Ellen Ramvi: Safety, Feelings and Community

Jørgen Burchardt, Peter Olsén, Thomas Rasmussen og Hans Jeppe Jeppesen: Teamorganisation - an introduction

Søren Voxted: Who manages self-managing teams?

Steen Visholm: Unclear roles & employee involvement

Maja Marie Lotz og Signe Enemark Olsen: The Development Dynamics and Personal Consequences of Teamwork

Annette Bilfeldt og Elsebeth Hofmeister: Gender, Autonomy and Quality in Working Life

Finn Wiedemann: Teamwork in primary and secondary schools – experiences and perspectives

Karen Plenge og Nethe Plenge: Frosting at the labour disputes

Helge Hvid: ‘To be in control’


12th international workshop on teamworking

Tune in, Breakdown and Reboot



Reinhold Fahlbeck: Flexibilisation of working life

Guy Standing: Global Labour Flexibility

Tony Royle: Working for McDonald's in Europe

Magnus Sverke, Johnny Hellgren, Antonio Chirumbolo, Hans De Witte, Sjoerd Goslilnga og Katharina Näswall: European unions in the wake of flexible production

Jean Pierre Durand: Living Labour

Giovanni Costa: As time goes by

Katherine V.W. Stone: From Widgets to Digits

John Burgess og Julia Connell: International Perspectives on Temporary Work

Andrew Ross: No-collar

Ida Regalia: Regulating new forms of employment

Bram Peper, Anneke van Doorne-Huiskes og Laura den Dulk: Flexible working and organisational change

Christine Parker: The open corporation

Nicholas Charles Boreham og Renan Samurcay: Work process knowledge

Frankfurter Rundshau: Arbeit und Gewerkschaft Flexibel, aber sicher

William Housley: Interaction in Multidisciplinary Teams

Dean Tjosvold, Michael A. West og Ken G. Smith: International handbook of organizational teamwork and cooperative working

Marcia B. Cohen og Audrey Mullender: Gender and groupwork

Eduardo Salas og Stephen M. Fiore: Team Cognition

Edelgard Kutzner: Die Un-Ordnung der Geschlechter

Natalie Gold: Teamwork

David Farnham, Annie Hondeghem og Sylvia Horton: Staff Participation and Public Management Reform