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07.01 physical impact
. . .07.01.01 noise
. . .07.01.01 working environment, physical
. . .07.01.02 occupational diseases
. . .07.01.02 indoor climate
. . .07.01.02 ergonomics
. . .07.01.02 one-sidedly repetitive work
. . .07.01.02 computer work?
. . .07.01.03 occupational injuries
. . .07.01.03 work accidents
07.02 psysical impact
. . .07.02.01 working environment, psychical
. . .07.02.01 terms and conditions of employment
. . .07.02.02 burnt-out syndrome
. . .07.02.02 stress
. . .07.02.02 workaholism/work addiction
. . .07.02.02 trauma
. . .07.02.03 abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse
. . .07.02.03 drug abuse
07.03 general condition
. . .07.03.01 employability
Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Klaus T. Nielsen: Development in the scandinavian tradition for working life

Thora Brendstrup: The working environment in the future

Mogens Agervold: Stress and strain in ‘People work’

Peter Olsén og Christian Clausen: Adjustment or autonomy?


From knowledge to action

Occupational hazards and reproductive health

Quality of work environment and productivity

Nordiska arbetsmiljömötet

29th International Congress on Occupational Health


First Annual Meeting on the Economics of Risky Behaviors

Ergonomics is a lifestyle

Globalized Ergonomics, The Consequences of Globalization

17th World Congress on Ergonomics


National Environmental Respiratory Center (NERC)

Ergonomics @

International Ergonomics Association


Ewa Menckel og Lars Österblom: Managing workplace health

David H. Cehnoweth: Evaluating worksite health promotion

Martin Goldstein og Inge F. Goldstein: How much risk?

Friedrich Hinterberger og Hermann Schnabel: Arbeit - Umwelt - Wachstum

Jody Heymann: Global inequalities at work

Laurent Vogel: The gender workplace health gap in Europe

Allan Mazur: True Warnings and False Alarms

Thomas Kieselbach, Anthony H. Winefield, Carolyn Boyd og Sarah Anderson: Unemployment and health

Madeleine Estryn-Béhar: Risques professionnels et santé des médecins

Dora L. Costa: Health and Labor Force Participation over the Life Cycle:

Theoni Koukoulaki og Stefano Boy: Globalizing technical standards

Ari Väänänen: Psychosocial determinants of sickness absence

Paul T. McCabe: Contemporary Ergonomics 2002

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Kurt Landau: Arbeitsgestaltung und Ergonomie

Louis Anthony jr. Cox: Risk analysis

Office for Official Publications of the European C: How to reduce workplace accidents

Sharon Clarke og Cary L. Cooper: Managing the risk of workplace stress

Janie L. Bronstein: Caught in the machinery