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Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Kåre Hansen: The interplay between participation, democracy and work environment

Henrik Kvadsheim: Conceptualizing the work environment in workplace development

Hans Jørgen Limborg: The Working Environment of Social Workers

Hans Jørgen Limborg: Risk and prevention in the ‘new working life’ - a working environment perspective

Anna Ilsøe: Psychosocial work environment

Tage Søndergård Kristensen, Peter Hasle og Jan Hyld Pejtersen: Workplace social capital

Pernille Tufte, Thomas Clausen og Vilhelm Borg: Experiences of attrition of psychological resources among senior employees in the Danish elderly care sector

Hans Jørgen Limborg og Hans Hvenegaard: When working with humans

Peter Olsén: “If we could just be left in peace to do our job.…”

Ole Busck, Herman Knudsen, Jens Lind og Tine Herreborg Jørgensen: The transformation of employee participation

Johnny Dyreborg: Health and Safety matters are too important for management to leave it up to the joint safety and health committee

Annette Kamp og Klaus T. Nielsen: Workplace health promotion


USE2009. Understanding small enterprises

Quality of work environment and productivity

29th International Congress on Occupational Health



EIROnline - European Industrial Relations Observatory


Michel Hersen og Jay C. Thomas: Handbook of mental health in the workplace

D.A. Butler: Employer liability for workplace trauma

Margarete Edelmann: Gesundheitsressourcen im Beruf

Antonio Argandona og Jordi Gual: The Social Dimensions Of Employment

Jody Heymann: Global inequalities at work

Giovanni Costa: As time goes by

H.-G. Schönwälder, J. Berndt, F. Ströver og G. Tiesler: Belastung und Beanspruchung von Lehrerinnen und Lehrern

Alexancer-Stamatios G. Antoniou, Cary L. Cooper, George P. Chrousos, Charles D. Spielberger og Michael William Eysenck: Handbook of managerial behavior and occupational health

Denise Carlyle og Peter Woods: Emotions of teacher stress

Michel Hersen og Jay C. Thomas: Handbook of mental health in the workplace

Nicholas Charles Boreham og Renan Samurcay: Work process knowledge

David Meister: Conceptual foundations of human factors measurement

Janice Langan-Fox, Cary L. Cooper og Richard J. Klimoski: Research companion to the dysfunctional workplace