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09.01 law
. . .09.01.01 industrial administration, administrative systems
. . .09.01.02 unemployment fund - legislation
. . .09.01.02 labour legislation/labour law
. . .09.01.03 employment legislation
. . .09.01.03 employment law
. . .09.01.04 annual holidays Act
. . .09.01.05 ciroirate acquisitions
09.02 institutions
. . .09.02.01 EC law
Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Torben D. Jensen: The future for the unemployment fund


Fokus på A-kasserne og andre aktører i beskæftigelsesindsatsen


United States National Labor Relations Board

EIROnline - European Industrial Relations Observatory


Petra Foubert: The legal protection of the pregnant worker in the European Community

Armin Höland: Mitbestimmung in Europa

Peter Wahlgren: Stability and change in Nordic labour law

Marco Biagi, Manfred Weiss og Roger Blanpain: Changing industrial relations x26 modernisation of labour law

Henrik Horn, Lisa Roman, Judith Shapiro og Kaushik Basu: International labour standards

Sybil Lilpschultz: Women, the law and the workplace. Vol. 1

Smita Jamdar og Jane Byford: Workplace Stress

Simon F. Deakin og Frank Wilkinson: The law of the labour market

Bob Hepple: Labour laws and global trade

Roger Blanpain, Takashi Araki og Shinya Ouchi: Labour Law in Motion

Judy Fudge og Rosemary Owens: Precarious work, women, and the new economy

Sangheon Lee, Deindre McCann og Jon C. Messenger: Working time around the world

Bob Hepple: Social and labour rights in a global context

Maarten van Kempen, Lisa Patmore, Michael Ryle og Robert von Steinau-Steinruck: Redundancy law in Europe

Susan Mayne: Employment law in Europe

Reinhold Fahlbeck: Flexibilisation of working life

Marco Biagi: Towards a European model of industrial relations?

Joanne Conaghan, Richard Michael Fischl og Karl Klare: Labour law in an era of globalization

Michal Sewerynski: Collective Agreements and Individual Contracts of Employment

William B. Gould IV og Robert J. Flanagan: International Labor Standards

Roger Blanpain: Corporate Restructuring and the Role of Labour Law

Eva Senghaas-Knoblach, Jan Dirks og Andrea Liese: Internationale Arbeitsregulierung in Zeiten der Globalisierung

Roger Blanpain: Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialized Market Economies

Ulla Liukkunen: The role of mandatory rules in international labour law

Deindre McCann: Working Time Laws

Jean-Michel Servais: International Labour Law

Philip Alston: Labour rights as human rights

Deirdre Fitzpatrick og Michael Anderson: Seafarers' Rights

Roger Blanpain, Takashi Araki og Shinya Ouchi: Labour Law in Motion

Lucy Vickers: Freedom of speech and employment

Patricia H. Werhane, Tara J. Radin og Norman E. Bowie: Employment and employee rights

David Sherwyn og Samuel Estreicher: Alternative dispute resolution in the employment arena

Raymond Jeffers og Robert Migni: Global Business Workforce Restructuring