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Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Christian Koch: Information technology, working life and trade unions

Lise Lotte Hansen: Is it possible to create gender equality in the labour movement?

Vibeke Kold, Jo Krøjer og Steen Navrbjerg: Introduction

Carsten Strøby Jensen: Trade unionism in Europe

Pernille Tanggaard Andersen: Working life, Alliance and ambivalence

Anders Buch: Challenges for the professional associations in Denmark

Henrik Lambrecht Lund: Sustainability and Trade Union Practice




European Trade Union Institute

European Trade Union Technical Bureau for Health and Safety (TUTB)


Jill C. Humphrey: Towards a politics of the rainbow

Alison L. Booth: The Economics of the Trade Union

Peter Fairbrother og Gerard Griffin: Changing Prospects for Trade Unionism

Ronaldo Munck: Labour and Globalisation

Bruce Nissen: Unions in a Globalized Environment

Leo Panitch og Collin Leys: Working Classes

Saul A. Rubinstein og Thomas A. Kochan: Learning from Saturn

Fiona Colgan og Sue Ledwith: Gender, diversity and trade unions

Richard Hyman: Understanding European Trade Unionism

György Szell: European Labour Relations. Vol 1

György Szell: European Labour Relations. Vol 2

Raymond Markey, Paul Gollan, Ann Hodgkinson, Alain Chouraqui og Ulke Veersma: Models of Employee Participation in a Changing Global Environment

Robert O'Brien: Global Unions?

J.H. Richardson: An Introduction to the Study of Industrial Relations

Chun Soonok: They are not machines

Gregor Gall: The Meaning of Militancy?

D.A. Butler, D. B. Cornfield og H. J. McCammon: Labor revitalization

Beverly J. Silver: Forces of labor

Peter Scott og Deborah Foster: Trade Unions in Europe

Bill Dunn: Global Restructuring and the Power of Labour

Jean-Louis Robert, Antoine Prost og Chris Wrigley: The Emergence of European Trade Unionism

Geraldine Healy, Edmund Heery, Philip Taylor og William Brown: Future of Worker Representation

Geoffrey Wood, Mark Harcourt, Shirin M. Rai og Wyn Grant: Trade Unions and Democracy

Carola Frege og John Kelly: Varieties of unionism

John Wrench: Breakthroughs and blind spots

Paul Mooney: Union-free

Claude Didry og Arnaud Mias: Le Moment Delors

Anne-Catherine Wagner: Vers une Europe syndicale

Harald Bauder: Labor Movement

Gerald Friedman: Reigniting the labor movement

Dimitris Stevis og Terry Boswell: Globalization and labor.

Brian Bercusson og Cynthia Estlund: Regulating labour in the wake of globalisation

Edlira Xhafa: Global health in the intensive care unit

Ursula Huws: Break or weld?

Roland Erne: European unions

Andreas Bieler, Ingemar Lindberg og Devan Pillay: Labour and the challenges of globalization