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11.01 technical
. . .11.01.01 rationalisation
. . .11.01.01 technical change, technology
. . .11.01.01 human machine interaction
. . .11.01.01 ITC
11.02 general
. . .11.02.01 globalisation
11.03 special
. . .11.03.01 work, future
Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Klaus T. Nielsen: Development in the scandinavian tradition for working life

Ole Broberg: Technological design processes and work environment

Anders Buch: What can work life studies learn from science and technology studies?

Christian Koch: Information technology, working life and trade unions

Bente Rasmussen og Birgitte Johansen: Knowledge Workers in the economy

Pernille Bertelsen: Will the Electronic Patient Records (EPR) eliminate the need for medical secretaries at the Danish hospitals?

Anne Marie Kanstrup: IT-supporter


Arbeitswissenschaft und Produktivität - eine Standortbestimmung

Quality of work environment and productivity

Arbeit, Beschäftigungsfähigkeit und Produktivität

FDI and the globalisation of european labour markets

Dresserede aber eller nye frihedsmuligheder?


Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)

Forschungsgemeinschaft für Aussenwirtschaft, Struktur- und Technologiepolitik (FAST)

Human-Computer Interaction Resources (HCI)


Stanley Aronowitz: The last good job in America

W. Craig Riddell og France St-Hilaire: Adapting Public Policy to a Labour Market in Transition

Jacques Belanger, Giles Anthony, Paul-Andre Lapointe og Gregor Murray: Work and Employment in the High Performance Workplace

Amy Sue Bix: Inventing Ourselves Out of Jobs?

Eckhard Lichtenthaler: Organisation der Technology Intelligence

Jeremy Rifkin: Arbetets undergång

György Szell: European Labour Relations. Vol 1

György Szell: European Labour Relations. Vol 2

Theoni Koukoulaki, John Wilson og Wendy Morris: Developing a participatory approach to the design of work equipment

Stefano Boy og Sandra Limou: The implementation of the Machinery Directive

Sabine Pfeiffer: Arbeitsvermögen

Tuula Heiskanen og Jeff Hearn: Information Society and the Workplace

Frank Levy og Richard J. Murnane: The new division of labor

Alain Le Diberder og Philippe Chantepie: Révolution numérique et industries culturelles

Mark Sanders: Technology and the decline in demand for unskilled labour

Paul Boreham, Rachel Parker, Paul Thompson og Richard Hall: New technology @ work

Jan Noyes: Designing for humans

Steffen Lehndorff og Emmanuel Mermet: New forms of employment and working time in the service economy (NESY)

Penny Gurstein: Wired to the world, chained to the home

Gisela Kiesay: Arbeit, Technik, Sicherheit und Gesundheit in der Wissensgesellschaft

Eckhard Lichtenthaler: Organisation der Technology Intelligence

Stephen J. Frenkel, Marek Korczynski, Karen A. Shire og May Tam: On the Front Line

Paul J. Jackson og Reima Suomi: eBusiness and workplace redesign

Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott og Willilam M. Snyder: Cultivating Communities of Practice

David Meister: Conceptual foundations of human factors measurement

A. Aneesh: Virtual migration

Paul Boreham, Rachel Parker, Paul Thompson og Richard Hall: New technology @ work