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13.01 occupation-related aspect
. . .13.01.01 history
. . .13.01.02 ethnography, social anthropology
. . .13.01.03 psychology
. . .13.01.04 sociology
. . .13.01.05 organisational theory
. . .13.01.07 economy
. . .13.01.08 statistics
. . .13.01.09 law
. . .13.01.10 political science
. . .13.01.11 action research
. . .13.01.12 medicine
13.02 method
. . .13.02.01 theory
. . .13.02.02 empiric
. . .13.02.03 practical/project
. . .13.02.04 strategy
Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Lykke Lafarque Pedersen: The Factory Community

Jesper Due: September agreement 1899-1999

Jørgen Burchardt: Introduction of new management concepts

Hans Jørgen Knudsen: The latest 20 years reforms of the vocational training

Louise Karlskov Skyggebjerg: Workinglife in supermarkets

Linda Lundgaard Andersen: The Inside and Outside Life at Work

Mikkel Mailand: Involvement of social partners in employment policy reforms under liberal-conservative rule

Annette Bilfeldt og Elsebeth Hofmeister: Gender, Autonomy and Quality in Working Life


Transnational social policies

Arbeit und Fotografie

Arbeit und Fotografie

Putting knowledge into practice

Lacan at work

Positive psychology at work


Behavioral labor economics

European summer symposium in labour economics

10 years of the Euro

Annual conference EALE

First Annual Meeting on the Economics of Risky Behaviors

12th IZA European Summer School in Labor Economics

8th IZA/SOLE Transatlantic Meeting of Labor Economists


Deutsche Arbeitsschutz-ausstellung

International Institute of Social History (IISH)

Berufverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen - Sektion Wirtschaftspsychologie

Arbeits- & Organisationspsychologie, Institut für Psychologie, Oldenburg

Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)

Economic Policy Institute

The European Health and Safety Database (HASTE)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung


Robert Castel: From Manual Workers to Wage Laborers

Amy Sue Bix: Inventing Ourselves Out of Jobs?

Jan Kruse: Geschichte der Arbeit und Arbeit als Geschichte

Reinhold Reich: Praxis der Arbeit Probleme und Perspektiven der handwerksgeschichtlichen Forschung

Keith Thomas: The Oxford Book of Work

Marino Regini, Jim Katay og Martin Baethge: From Tellers to Sellers

Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto: Human Nature and Organization Theory

Lori G. Kletzer: Imports, Exports, and American Industrial Workers Since 1979

Dora L. Costa: Health and Labor Force Participation over the Life Cycle:

Beverly J. Silver: Forces of labor

Jean-Louis Robert, Antoine Prost og Chris Wrigley: The Emergence of European Trade Unionism

Josef Ehmer: Vor- und frühindustrielle Arbeitsmigration

Marjatta Rahikainen: Centuries of Child Labour

Cary L. Cooper og Philip Dewe: A Brief History of Stress

Allan Mazur: True Warnings and False Alarms

Christer Lundh, Jonas Olofsson, Lennart Schön og Lars Svensson: Wage formation, labour market institutions and economic transformation in Sweden 1860-2000

Helene Brodin: Does Anybody Care?

Gary P. Latham: Work motivation

Laura L. Koppes: Historical perspectives in industrial and organizational psychology

Nicholas Crafts, Ian Gazeley og Andrew Newell: Work and pay in 20th century Britain

Daryl M. Hafter: Women at work in preindustrial France

Peter Birke: Wilde Streiks im Wirtschaftswunder

Jan Lucassen: Wages and currency

Sheila Blackburn: A fair day's wage for a fair day's work?

Josepth Melling: Manageing the modern workplace

Janie L. Bronstein: Caught in the machinery

Rita Gorawara-Bhat: The Social and Spatial Ecology of Work

Christina Garsten og Monica Lindh de Montoya: Market Matters

Alberto Corsin Jimenez: The anthropology of organisations

Silvia Gherardi og Barbara Poggio: Gendertelling in organizations

Christine Hodson: Psychology and work

Jeanne M. Brett og Fritz Drasgow: The psychology of work

Paula M. Rayman: Beyond the bottom line

Debra L. Nelson og Ronald J. Burke: Gender, Work Stress, and Health

Christine Doyle: Work and Organizational Psychology

og Erik J. Van Slyke: Konfliktlösning

Louis Diamant og Jo Ann Lee: The psychology of sex, gender, and jobs

Gerard P. Hodgkinson og Paul R. Sparrow: The competent organization

Jan Walker: Control and the psychology of health

Robert G. Lord, Richard J. Klimoski og Ruth Kanfer: Emotions in the workplace

Magnus Sverke, Johnny Hellgren, Antonio Chirumbolo, Hans De Witte, Sjoerd Goslilnga og Katharina Näswall: European unions in the wake of flexible production

James Campbell Quick og Lois E. Tetrick: Handbook of occupational health psychology

Robert B. Bechtel og Arza Churchman: Handbook of environmental psychology

David Holman, Toby D. Wall, Chris W. Clegg, Paul R. Sparrow og Ann Howard: The new workplace

Steve M. Jex: Organizational psychology

Neil Anderson, Deniz S. Ones, Handan Kepir Sinangil og Chockalingam Viswesvaran: Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology

Margaret S. Stockdale og Faye J. Crosby: The psychology and management of workplace diversity

Brent W. Roberts og Robert Hogan: Personality Psychology in the Workplace

Carmen A. Paludi Jr. og Michele Paludi: Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment

Michael R. Frone og Julian Barling: The psychology of workplace safety

Patrick J. Morissette: The pain of helping

Ronald H. Rozensky, Norine G. Johnson, Carol D. Goodhearth og W. Rodney Hammond: Psychology builds a healthy world

Eduardo Salas og Stephen M. Fiore: Team Cognition

Steven G. Rogelberg: Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Jacqueline A-M. Coyle-Shapiro, Lynn M. Shore, M. Susan Taylor og Lois E. Tetrick: The Employment Relationship

Jay C. Thomas og Michel Hersen: Psychopathology in the Workplace

Cary L. Cooper og Alexancer-Stamatios G. Antoniou: Research Companion To Organizational Health Psychology

Seth Allcorn: Organizational Dynamics and Intervention

Dana Becker: The myth of empowerment

Adrian Furnham: The psychology of behaviour at work

David Blustein: The psychology of working

Laura L. Koppes: Historical perspectives in industrial and organizational psychology

Fred Luthans, Carolyn M. Youssef og Bruce J. Avolio: Psychological capital

Steven G. Rogelberg: Encyclopedia of industrial and organizational psychology

Stanley Aronowitz: The last good job in America

Randy Hodson og Daniel B. Cornfield: Worlds of work

Paul Ransome: Sociology and the Future of Work

Steve French: Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite at Work

Stephen J. Guastello: Managing emergent phenomena

Neil Anderson, Deniz S. Ones, Handan Kepir Sinangil og Chockalingam Viswesvaran: Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology

Haridimos Tsoukas og Christian Knudsen: The Oxford Handbook of Organization Theory

Alison L. Booth: The Economics of the Trade Union

Paolo Verme: Transition, Recession and Labour Supply

John Creedy: Nonlinear Models, Labour Markets And Exchange

Ferrie Pot: Employment Relations and National Culture

Bharat R. Hazari og Pasquale M. Sgro: Migration, unemployment and trade

Günther Schmid og Bernard Gazier: The dynamics of full employment

Lori G. Kletzer: Imports, Exports, and American Industrial Workers Since 1979

Bharati Basu: International Labor Mobility: Unemployment and Increasing Returns to Scale

Peter Docherty: Money and Employment

Suman Gupta og Tope Omoniyi: The cultures of economic migration

Karl Michael Scheriau: Arbeitsverhältnis

ILO: Key indicators of the labour market - 2001-2002

Ann Numhauser-Henning: Legal perspectives on equal treatment and non-discrimination

Peter Wahlgren: Stability and change in Nordic labour law

ILO: Fundamental rights at work and international labour standards

Sybil Lilpschultz: Women, the law and the workplace. Vol. 2

Sybil Lilpschultz: Women, the law and the workplace. Vol. 3

David Sherwyn og Samuel Estreicher: Alternative dispute resolution in the employment arena

Ulla Liukkunen: The role of mandatory rules in international labour law

Olav Eikeland: The ways of Aristotle