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Articles in T2M Yearbook:

Lykke Lafarque Pedersen: The Factory Community

Jesper Due: September agreement 1899-1999

Jørgen Burchardt: Introduction of new management concepts

Hans Jørgen Knudsen: The latest 20 years reforms of the vocational training


Transnational social policies

Arbeit und Fotografie


Deutsche Arbeitsschutz-ausstellung

International Institute of Social History (IISH)


Robert Castel: From Manual Workers to Wage Laborers

Amy Sue Bix: Inventing Ourselves Out of Jobs?

Jan Kruse: Geschichte der Arbeit und Arbeit als Geschichte

Reinhold Reich: Praxis der Arbeit Probleme und Perspektiven der handwerksgeschichtlichen Forschung

Keith Thomas: The Oxford Book of Work

Marino Regini, Jim Katay og Martin Baethge: From Tellers to Sellers

Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto: Human Nature and Organization Theory

Lori G. Kletzer: Imports, Exports, and American Industrial Workers Since 1979

Dora L. Costa: Health and Labor Force Participation over the Life Cycle:

Beverly J. Silver: Forces of labor

Jean-Louis Robert, Antoine Prost og Chris Wrigley: The Emergence of European Trade Unionism

Josef Ehmer: Vor- und frühindustrielle Arbeitsmigration

Marjatta Rahikainen: Centuries of Child Labour

Cary L. Cooper og Philip Dewe: A Brief History of Stress

Allan Mazur: True Warnings and False Alarms

Christer Lundh, Jonas Olofsson, Lennart Schön og Lars Svensson: Wage formation, labour market institutions and economic transformation in Sweden 1860-2000

Helene Brodin: Does Anybody Care?

Gary P. Latham: Work motivation

Laura L. Koppes: Historical perspectives in industrial and organizational psychology

Nicholas Crafts, Ian Gazeley og Andrew Newell: Work and pay in 20th century Britain

Daryl M. Hafter: Women at work in preindustrial France

Peter Birke: Wilde Streiks im Wirtschaftswunder

Jan Lucassen: Wages and currency

Sheila Blackburn: A fair day's wage for a fair day's work?

Josepth Melling: Manageing the modern workplace

Janie L. Bronstein: Caught in the machinery