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The purpose of Tidsskrift for ARBEJDSliv (Journal for Working Life) is to create a forum for communication, critique and debate among researchers and practicians occupied with working life, the working environment and the labour market. The aim is partly to present research-based knowledge to researchers, teachers, practicians, students and others with an interest in the field, partly to be a forum of a critical debate about real as well as desirable changes of working life.

The journal focuses on the work and people at work, the significance of work and work cultures, the working environment, the labour market and the regulation of these areas.

The journal is open both for interdisciplinary research and for contributions rooted in particular professional traditions such as sociology, psychology, history, law, economics, industrial relations and organizational theory. The articles to be published may stress theoretical and methodological problems or empirical investigations. They may have a character of basic research or of application directed research. Contributions entering into a critical dialogue with existing theoretical and political discourses and contributing to their development, are particularly welcome. Discussion papers with comments to earlier articles or to the professional and political development in working life are also welcomed.

The journal is primary a Danish forum. This does, however, not exclude articles on global themes or the translation and publication of important foreign contributions.


Tidsskrift for arbejdsliv

(Journal for Working Life)




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